Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The countdown is On.... (Well Mom is counting down)!!!!

Got asked today to give a 15 minute talk on the Savior tomorrow. Took me 1.5 hours to write it!!! wish me luck! (well that was a couple of weeks ago!)

So I emailed last Wednesday, so there is not to much to update you on. We had 4 investigators at sacrament meeting yesterday (An all-time high). So that was really cool to see. Steve passed his baptismal interview on Saturday so he is all set to go for his baptism on the 22nd which is awesome!!! Not to much else to talk about. Hope everything is going well. Thanks for everything you do!!   :)

So not to much to report on. Steve's baptism was on Saturday and confirmation yesterday.  It was cool to see and he and his mom are prepping to go do Temple baptisms on the 6th, so life is going great for that. Super spiritual and testimony strenghtening for all of us involved they will be so great and an asset to the ward.

These next two weeks are loaded with stuff. I got to see lots of people from Dana Point ward yesterday b/c companion sang in choir at a ward in the same building Dana Point meets at so that was fun. Set up a party thing with the Rubalcava's on the 8th so that should be great. (It is my birthday, if you remember!!!)  

I am thinking of sending my bike home next week so the 1st of December, just so you are aware. Well not home but to Austins.  I'll be off to Salt Lake for school and all in Jan - It's pretty unbelieveable!!!!

Hope all goes well, have  a great Thanksgiving!!! Can you believe that this is the last week of November already?? How crazy is that. Have a great week I love you both so much!!! :)

wrong date right Temple!

Well Now it's December We went today to the Temple with Steve and Angie - How awesome is that!!!??   I had my departing interview today.  President said Good job on taking 17 credits first semester back.  He said that in his first year of graduate school he had kids, a job, and was called as the EQ president, AND was taking 17 credits Plus he got all A's!!! He said that as long as I do the right things and DO the things necessary the Lord will bless me in my efforts and that he has full confidence in me successfully completing 17 credits.  

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