Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gospel of Jesus Christ can be applied to all things...

this past week has been going prettty good.

Weird to think that this is week 5 of the transfer and in exactly two weeks I will be done with my training period and be ready to move on. Now, I might get to stay here in Dana Point but who knows, after this I could get transfered every 6 weeks or stay in one place for months! anyways man time moves quickly doesnt it? Seems like it has been a week or two since I left home and I have been out for 3 months. Guess thats the blessing of getting lost in the work. Time does not really mean anything. Its wake up, work, sleep. Everyday for 2 years. This week has brought with it some cool experiences both in missionary work and studying of the scriptures which I will share with you today.

First thing, I am starting to understand that there is so much more to the scriptures, deeper meanings within them and there is so much out there for us to learn in them. Everything we do in our lives centers and goes back to the Atonement of Jesus Christ. On a spiritual side at least, everything goes back to that. But what I am starting to realize is that when you apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ truly and you fully understand it, it applies in a temporal since as well. Now in the world its not (like what we teach) - faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, endure to the end all centered on the atonement. But, its mental exertion,change, action, inspiration and internalization all centered on your own ability to change. When you think of it that way; that people that are rich and they have money, well the buisness people that have money and are successfull in their buisness and apply the Gospel in a financial sense I am thinking it could be a reason they acheive greatness. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect because it can be applied to all things spiritual and all things temporal if you truly understand it. If you truly understand it - it changes your heart and your behavior.

Another thing I discovered this week is yes people especially Apostles of the church have seen the physical resurrected body of Jesus Christ. The New testment testifies of it along with it the Book of Mormon.  My challenge to you is to read "Our Search For Happiness" pages 17-23. Now Dont just read it to read - don't just do it because i asked. You have to be in the spiritually right place to
understand what the pages are telling you. Asking thru prayer for God to help you to understand it.  For me, It was one of the most spiritual experiences since being out here, what I read on those pages. My testimony is that Christ is alive and has a body of flesh and bone. It is something that as of a couple days I can say with 100% surety is true and I have gained a testimony of it.

Mosiah 2:17
Yesterday and Thursday we had the opportunity to go and help out a family whose father was going in for an experimental surgery at UCLA for his Parkinsons disease. Such a sad story. World reknowned photographer and had a great name for himself in the professional sports world developed Parkinsons 12 years ago. When he got diagnosed his wife left him and his life fell apart. He has one son on a mission in an inactive daughter and a son who has basically had to raise himself and is now at risk of falling away from the church completely. Thursday we went and cleaned the house. Since infection is such a huge concern the ward threw everything away.. We threw out couches, beds, cabinets, silverware, kitchen supplies, all of it thrown away. What does the ward do? They live the law of concecration to the fullest. They buy new furniture (Couches,dressers, media stands, cabinets) Beds, silverware, appliances. All because this man could not take care of himself fully. It was such a cool thing to be a part of. being able to observe the gospel and what it teaches to the fullest. People who have money, who have excess and provide for the members of their ward in a way they could not do themselves. Very Very cool. Made me proud to be serving here in Dana Point.

Speaking of Dana Point we will be getting a second set of missionaries - who will be sister missionaries so that should be fun. If i am here I will report on that later.

Well, the investigators that we are teaching are doing well. Kind of the same situations for all of them as last week so nothing new to report on.

I love you all so very much. Thank you for the time and effort everyone goes through to provide for me while I am out here. I feel the love and I hope you feel mine while I am out here. I pray for you everyday and hope you are doing welll. Stay safe and keep the faith and know that the busier you are the quicker time will fly by.

Mom, Happy Birthday. Wish I could physically be there, but i guess "flat Amric" will have to do. Thank you for all you do for me I really appreciate it.
Have a great rest of the week can you believe the next time I write it will be April 2nd!!!!
3 (count 'em - three) MONTHS! How crazy is that?
Love you so much kisses and lots of hugs for everyone.
"Fourth Floor Last Door"
"That's What's Up"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-January 2015

When I became a man I put away Childish things...

Mom and Dad - Empty nesters
 in their "rented" convertible appraising Dairies in Arizona!!!
So Elder Sobczak has a family at home supporting him and there are changes all around these are a few of them,
The Rens -
 I like this one cuz it's the world
 today everybody on their phone!!!

King Benjamin: “O, all ye old men, and also ye young men, and you little children who can understand my words, for I have spoken plainly unto you that ye might understand, I pray that ye should awake to a remembrance of the awful situation of those that have fallen into transgression.” 
For me, the power of that warning is the picture it forms in my mind of that time when we will each stand before the Savior after this life to be judged. When King Benjamin speaks to me of shrinking from the presence of the Lord, it puts fear into my heart. I can see myself standing in that day of judgment before the glorified and resurrected Savior. I want with all my heart not to shrink, but rather to look up at Him and see Him smile and say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Enter in.” 
King Benjamin makes it clear how we can earn the hope to hear those words if we find the way in this life to have our natures changed through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. That is the only way we can build on the sure foundation and so stand firm in righteousness during the storms of temptation.
Matthew and Matt
Papi and Matt

Olaf and Dania

Mom makes a fire before the snow comes.
I'd rather be on the beach when it's cold than when it's hot!!!
Out with the old 
In with the new! 
see Col Chapter 3 things to "Put On"
 [hahaha! finding a "priesthood purpose"!]

King Benjamin describes that change with a beautiful comparison, used by prophets for millennia and by the Lord Himself. It is this: that we can, and we must, become as a child—a little child.
For some that will not be easy to understand or to accept. Most of us want to be strong. We may well see being like a child as being weak. Most parents have wanted their children at times to be less childish. Even the Apostle Paul used these words as he was about to urge us to incorporate charity, the pure love of Christ, into our lives: “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” 
But King Benjamin, who understood as well as any mortal what it meant to be a man of strength and courage, makes it clear that to be like a child is not to be childish. It is to be like the Savior, who prayed to His Father for strength to be able to do His will and then did it. Our natures must be changed to become as a child to gain the strength we need.  
these are those Mats
Amric said to order - 
Flat Amric with Dad! 
supporting Moms Shrine! to Elder Sobczak 
Amric "go to bed!"
Amric let's relax!!!
Amric I love you!  Dad made me cry and laugh
at the same time presenting "Flat Amric" (or rather "Flat Elder Sobczak"!) to me for my Birthday!!!

To keep the blessing of that change in our hearts will require determination, effort, and faith. King Benjamin taught at least some of what that will require. He said that to retain a remission of our sins from day to day we must feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick, and help people spiritually and temporally.  He warned that we must guard against even the feelings of contention entering into our hearts.  He made it clear that the mighty change which comes through the Atonement working in us can diminish if we are not on guard against sin.
We come to love those we serve. If we choose to begin to serve the Master out of even a glimmer of faith, we will begin to know Him. We will come to know His purposes for the people we serve for Him. Even when they do not accept our offer to serve them, we will feel His appreciation if we persist.
As we persist, we will feel the need for the influence of the Holy Ghost because our task will seem beyond us. Our humble prayer to our Heavenly Father will be answered. The Holy Ghost has as a major purpose witnessing that Jesus is the Christ. As we plead for help in His service, the Holy Ghost will come and confirm our faith in Him.    
                                                       --taken from a talk given by Elder Henry B Eyring. April 2006


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Be obedient. Keep the Commandments!

Hey there family and friends of My Blog world,

So I just wanted to stop in and say hello and give you an update on some impressions that have come to me over this past week...
So let me start off with saying that this area is pretty amazing. The members out here take awesome care of us and are always willing to help us out with rides, going to lessons, splits amnd loads of other things. They really love us! So having good Elders in the ward  - they love it and want to help us out as much as they can. Elder Armstrong and I had to go and make the announcement that the area would be split for proselyting and so we would need to have two dinner calendars because we cannot leave our areas to go eat especially since we get referrals from members and we cant teach someone from another area. So we said this in Relief Society and oh man you would have thought we were telling these women the ward boundary was changing and they were switching wards. These women freaked out that we were not going to be there missionaries anymore and they werent going to get to feed us! It was pretty funny, made me want to sit in on Relief Society, probably would be a bad idea though because I would just get a kick out of everything that happens, to many tears for me thats for sure!  Ward Members - DO YOUR MISSIONARY WORK!!!!

the armoire at home!
So oh man, Friday and Saturday were some crazy days. Friday Elder Armstrong and I had to go and help this sister in the ward pick up some furniture to bring it back to her new place that she got. Okay so no big deal!  But we were the only two people who showed up to help. We had to load up this Armoire - I am talking 8 feet tall rounded top flat back nothing to grab onto (think that huge one that we have drug around)! That thing maybe weighed 150 but with 70% of that weight being in the top half and only being able to lift straight up from the bottom it made for a fun time!  Especially having to go down two flights of stairs. It was ridiculous! But hey we got it down all in one piece and loaded into the bed of a truck.
Well, it wasn't as bad as this!
but you see my point!
   Dad you'll love this part, the whole load in the bed of the truck, the big cabinet thing, queen sized head board and dresser the length of a F-150 Small Box and about 2 feet wide were all strapped down with what???? BUNGEE CORDS!  oh man I almost died looking at it. We had to drive back down the highway at 70 MPH with all this stuff with an open tailgate with bungy cords securing it down. Needless to say I stayed my distance from the back of the truck, actually once we left I was never behind the truck for fear of it falling on our little Corolla. Then Saturday we got up and at 8AM go to finish the move. 4 storage units!  So that was an easier move because the Elders Quorum showed up to help with that one. Halfway through our move - so at about 930/10 in the morning we get a call to let us know we have to go help another family move into apartment!  Yes, 2 moves back to back with what we did on Friday, It was a long couple days. Good thing I have experience at this since we've moved so much!!! 
Elder Strong at the MTC
 But hey the second lady we moved in on Saturday moved in from Laguna Hills 2nd ward and knows Elder Strong because thats the ward he is serving in and she is an active ward missionary!  :) So she said he said "hello, and that he wanted to see how I was doing".  It's always nice when stuff like that happens.

Although it would have been nice to have your truck here and follow behind in my own car!!!

Quick update on some of the souls that I am responsible for :)

K and her family are doing well. They are set - they know baptism is the right thing for them to do.  Couple of changes have to be made, pray for them to have the courage and strength to make them.   She and the girls love studying the scriptures and coming to church. A the younger one actually read the 3rd article of faith and prayed in primary this past week. So proud of her.  So they are going to get baptized before the end of May (that's the goal).

M Is again doing awesome. He has found a love for Gospel Principles and it has been helping him develop a better understanding of the Gospel and the Scriptures. He has started having experiences with the Book of Mormon and is moving closer and closer to Baptism. Again just like K he will be baptized in May, hopefully more towards the end of April. He loves the Gospel so muich and he can see how much it is helping him in his life.

E has her questions and concerns about this whole "religion thing". Its super weird, she beleives in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father but she also believes in Evolutionism. She has questions and concerns which when answered will help her move forward and become more converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is courious, one interesting thing that I have noticed is the difference between her(Mid/late 20's), M & K(Late 40's/Early 50's). The older have had more life experiences and trials and they can see the Gospel truly changing thier lives. But E has not gone through those yet so she doesn't quite see the need for "religion".

Spiritually preparing - Had a super spiritual happen this week?? We had a mind blowing companionship study on 2nd Nephi 31:7 which was absolutely amazing.  From dictionary questions and other church materials are the KEY to a deeper understanding of why everything happens in this world. Challenge is: study for yourself and we can discuss, feel free to write me what you think that the scripture is saying.  Very Cool Stuff!

Know ye not that he was holy? But notwithstanding he being holy, he showeth unto the children of men that, according to the flesh he humbleth himself before the Father, and witnesseth unto the Father that he would be aobedient unto him in keeping his commandments.

Cool experience at the bike shop where I got my bike fixed:

The owner knew we were missionaries and that we need our bikes a lot to travel around and get all of our work done. He had a friend, actually it was his bestfriend when he was growing up who was a member and they grew really close which gave him a deep love for the Mormon people and religion. He talked with us a little about all his experiences in the church and then when he handed me the final amount for the bike "fix" he told me they knocked about 20 dollars off and did some extra work that needed to get done but did not charge for it.  All because he had a great experience with the church while growing up. There are good people out there, you just have to wear a suit, nametag and tie to find them :) 
Tender mercies that help really go a long way, especially in missionary work.
side note:
All the Biking and running every morning really keep me awake, help maintain weight and I really feel good all around.  

All is moving well out here in Dana Point California.  Can you believe that they are making a law banning plastic bags from the stores?  Starting April 1st Dana Point is issuing an ordinance that prohibits retailers from using ...Plastic bags!!!!?!

 I am  Glad the weather is not as bad here, as it is in Omaha but I do miss home everyday.   Thank you for all the support and prayers and the help that you give me. It really does mean a lot to know that there are lots of people out there who are always thinking and praying about us as missionaries. Just keep praying I need those prayers!  Thanks for the "Green" box Mom, it took me a couple says to click! "Oh Pistachios are green, green box, leprechaun stickers! -- OH!!! This week is St. Patricks Day" 

Stay Classy and know that I love all of you and all that you do. The Gospel is true and I know that through a deep undertstanding of the gospel your whole life will be able to be turned into a even better one. 

Stay Safe Godspeed

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
"That's What's Up"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-January 2015

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Well that's one more down! The Spirit and Miracles Abound

So my oh my this week has been a crazy one...

  Ill start with some interesting news

A couple days ago I my bike had a really flat tire, so we left it at a members house because he gave us a ride home and
we had the car next day. turns out i had a leak in my tire, we go back like 3-4 days later to pick it up and we take it back after I go and buy a patch kit for the tube. Well...here's the fun part...I took my back tire off and well excuse my French...all hell broke loose. Ball bearings were everywhere the pieces were not hooking back up and well I didnt find the leak...So i just decide I am going to take it to the bike shop in San Juan to get it fixed. 

The guy looks at my pieces and he says "Oh man, you broke your axle in three places"   So yeah they had to get me  a new axle, fix my tire, and fix my gears. So thats been the adventure with my bike for this week. Hopefully once i get it back today or tomorrow It will be in perfect working order and I wont have to worry about it for the rest of the mission. I was really irritated about it. Just snaped my axle in three places which made my wheel crooked and when i took it apart the tension holding it together was gone and so everything fell everyewhere...But hey its fixed and I should be getting it back...Mom knows I really always took things apart, now I've really done it!

Okay, On another note this week has been pretty okay one. There was a baptism of an ex-communicated member of the church which was actually really cool to see. Cool to see the changes and realizations that he made in his life to bring him back to where he was at this point in time. He is preparing to receive the Melchizedek priesthood and go to temple. Really cool to see, I'm blessed to be part of it. He gave us a stackable washer/dryer which it sounds funny but is truly a blessing.

 We no longer have to worry about hauling laundry all over the place taking up preparation-day time and then worrying about going to pick it up later in the week. Its the little things you really come to appreciate while out here on a mission. Its so cool to see people change their lives while they go through the process of learning and
accepting the Gospel. There trully is a physical change as well as a mental and especially spiritual change. The spirit it totally helps people out when they need it to. People feeling comfort or gaining answers to their prayers is so cool to see. 

Yesterday we went to Move some people it was crazy. People getting kicked on... cops called... we were all brought into it and made involved... drugs, alcohol, yelling, squatting, cursing...and this is a civilized state and country!  

The Mission President just sent a email saying I can email Family and Friends officially. So here is my email address so email me. It will be a lot easier to do that I am realizing than trying to write 5 or 6 letters in one P-Day.  so... amric.sobczak@myldsmail.net   also, I won't know about transfers until April 6th.

Also this Less-Active lady who has been away from the church for about 20 years has had a huge change brought about in her life.  She left the church when she was about 13 (Mom died Dad exed) and she has now returned. She is slowly coming to the realization
of what she is capable of through the Gospel and the other day in the lesson she just started bawling because she realized all the things she had done her life that were against Gods will and she didnt know if she could be forgiven. We taught her repentance its true meaning and how God is perfectly understanding of how much we know and wont judge us for more than what we know. That helped her a lot. I was super happy for her and could clearly see that the atonement is at work in her life. She just loves the church and wants to do all she can to make Him happy again. 

K and her girls are continuing to progress. A Family meeting
with us Tuesday night, Tuesday is always a good day, Preparation Day and 2 awesome progressing investigators.

I will write more in letters, hopefully i get some written today. Dont have much time on the email and I dont know what else to say. Thank you for the prayers and thoughts. Life is going great out here in the OC and everyday seems to go by faster. Its weird I love the work and everything and I love watching the spirit work miracles in these peoples lives but still everyday I just think..."well thats one day down!" In my mind its not selfish its just a logical thought to have I guess. I dont know, the work is good I am good I am loving this mission experience and the lessons I am being taught by the spirit and all those lessons around me.

Did you here about the Stake center the church built in the UAE?
http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/united-arab-emirates-is-location-of-newest-mormon-house-of-worship        It's pretty exciting, (better let Matthew know!hahaha! he always said let him know stuff like this!).
It seems like the second coming is happening super quick I mean come on newly reopened mission in Istanbul Turkey and now a stake center in the UAE. 

Life is getting good and hard at the same for those of us who know, keep on keeping on - ENDURE TO THE END!  I love you all so much 
 Stay Safe and keep the Gospel in your life. Love you again until next time :)

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
"That's What's Up"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-January 2015

Monday, March 11, 2013

Back here on the Home Front!

Thinking about our Missionary Today!

Starting Day one in our count down 
- Coloring in the letters 
Month Two starts the stickers for each day
and the links one for each month
including "things that represent the number
associated with the countdown" 24...23... and so on 

Rugby versus Mission - Sid Going says; "The blessing of bringing others into the gospel far outweighs anything you will ever sacrifice."

His poor little car sits awaiting his led foot!

Every Day in Every Way you will get a little better

Yesterday church was canceled and last night the blizzard continued and he is missing it!!! 

"Without family, man alone in the world trembles with the cold."

Today it's beautiful looking out the kitchen window -
he'd love it!

     "If there is no struggle, there is no Progress."   - Fredrick Douglass!

The plant ... at month Two  -  we shall track it's progress and see, 
like him how much it grows in two years!!!!

Pops says;   "Really Kel?  You've built a shrine to Elder Sobczak!"

Yes I have!!! We miss him and are proud of him - his hard work, willingness to serve and admire his integrity and sacrifice -  Go get 'em Elder Sobczak!   May God Be with you, Remember who you are! we do and we are thinking about you today. Love ksmstheMom!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Change is coming

Hey there my dearest family, March 5, 2013

Some big news from Orange County and The California Carlsbad Mission office, Starting July 1st 2013 all missionaries in the Orange County Stakes, or Zones, of the California Carlsbad Mission (San Clemente, Laguna Hills, Mission Viego, and Rancho Santa Margarita) along with the missionaries in the Newport Beach Stake and Irvine Stake will be moved into the newly created California Irvine Mission. Irvine mission will have 6 stakes and the Carlsbad Mission will have 7 stakes. If I am assigned to the Irvine mission I will have a temple in my mission which means I could go once a transfer instead of once every three months which would be awesome. The things I have realized, The Lord called me to the California Carlsbad mission in October of 2012 with the full knowledge that 8 months later the Irvine mission would be created. So either A) I am where I am because there is someone or a certain number of people that I am supposed to meet in Orange County That i wont be able to meet after June 30th or B) I got called here because I am needed in Irvine but there is someone I was supposed to meet before the Irvine mission would be created. So I know I will end up where the Lord needs me. Its cool to think about everything going on around me, everything happens for a reason and the Lord calls those who are ready to assist in His work in the exact location and time He needs them. It is so cool knowing that. One more thing that I found out this morning during studies...Dana Point is getting a second set of missionaries. Yep in about four and a half weeks we will have two more Elders or Sisters which will be awesome. Really means the work is moving quick and the Lord is getting ready for something to go down!


Okay, update on the week...

The work is picking up. Elder Armstrong and I are finally starting to find our companionship groove and sorting everything out. Last week we had five lesson in one night...and we had to help a lady move into her apartment...right.across.the.sidewalk. She is super and asked a lot of questions about the church. She's a born again, so many born agains, so she was not to interested in discussing, kind of just interested in bashing with us especially at the end of helping her. But hey at judgement day that is going to play through her mind and she will be judged accordingly.

Hummmmmm who else, We have 3 Progressing investigators and 1 with a Baptismal Date. The 1 with a BD we might actually have to drop because we have not had a lesson, well since we made the date so about 3 weeks. A couple we are teaching could possibly have a date within the next week or two for a baptism in April which would be sweet. They both are super awesome, they keep commitments and ask loads of questions which is helping them gain a better understanding. He does not want to move fast but he is keeping commitments he just doesnt want to agree to something He is not fully converted to yet. Which is completely fine we love the questions.
The family with the girls are back on board with everything hopefully. We had a lesson with them last night and, oh man, mind blown on the memory of her girls. We taught the Plan. We taught it because the Oldest Daughter had never been taught the plan by us before and it had been about 3 or 4 weeks for the girls. We got to the kingdoms and asked Her to tell us about them because she piped up and said she knew about them. Not only did she give 3 amazing explanations for the kingdoms, she also gave a description of Outer Darkness. We have never taught the plan to her and so she must have remembered it from church when she came about 4 or 5 weeks ago or done some studying on her own. It was awesome to see that she is remembering what is being taught to her.
I love helping people gain this understanding and conversion for themselves to help themselves move forward into these life saving ordinances.

The work is moving forward and somehow by the grace of God I am improving little by little as a missionary. I am sure after two years of this I will not be the same person I was before I left. Heck! I am not the same person I was 2 months ago. Its weird to see a change mentally, physically, and spiritually and such a big change. I know everything happens for a reason.
I hope all of you are doing fabulous and loving the Outside world. Keep me updated on the life and always live your life the best you can. "Everyday in Every way, we get a little better." Love you all so much, keep the faith and keep on the straight and narrow. Let your light so shine before men and be a light and standard unto the nations. I know the Lord will give you nothing that you can't handle. All our trials are capable of overcoming, it does not matter if you fall, it matters if you get back up. In the words of Brother Clark - in his testimony which shook me to the core "God loves broken things, thats why we have the Atonement. Just like the Sacrament prayer we have as many tries to get through lifes troubles as we need. God will always help us become fixed." Love you all so much. Stay Safe, Until Next time...

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
"That's What's Up"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-January 2015