Sunday, March 10, 2013

Change is coming

Hey there my dearest family, March 5, 2013

Some big news from Orange County and The California Carlsbad Mission office, Starting July 1st 2013 all missionaries in the Orange County Stakes, or Zones, of the California Carlsbad Mission (San Clemente, Laguna Hills, Mission Viego, and Rancho Santa Margarita) along with the missionaries in the Newport Beach Stake and Irvine Stake will be moved into the newly created California Irvine Mission. Irvine mission will have 6 stakes and the Carlsbad Mission will have 7 stakes. If I am assigned to the Irvine mission I will have a temple in my mission which means I could go once a transfer instead of once every three months which would be awesome. The things I have realized, The Lord called me to the California Carlsbad mission in October of 2012 with the full knowledge that 8 months later the Irvine mission would be created. So either A) I am where I am because there is someone or a certain number of people that I am supposed to meet in Orange County That i wont be able to meet after June 30th or B) I got called here because I am needed in Irvine but there is someone I was supposed to meet before the Irvine mission would be created. So I know I will end up where the Lord needs me. Its cool to think about everything going on around me, everything happens for a reason and the Lord calls those who are ready to assist in His work in the exact location and time He needs them. It is so cool knowing that. One more thing that I found out this morning during studies...Dana Point is getting a second set of missionaries. Yep in about four and a half weeks we will have two more Elders or Sisters which will be awesome. Really means the work is moving quick and the Lord is getting ready for something to go down!

Okay, update on the week...

The work is picking up. Elder Armstrong and I are finally starting to find our companionship groove and sorting everything out. Last week we had five lesson in one night...and we had to help a lady move into her apartment...right.across.the.sidewalk. She is super and asked a lot of questions about the church. She's a born again, so many born agains, so she was not to interested in discussing, kind of just interested in bashing with us especially at the end of helping her. But hey at judgement day that is going to play through her mind and she will be judged accordingly.

Hummmmmm who else, We have 3 Progressing investigators and 1 with a Baptismal Date. The 1 with a BD we might actually have to drop because we have not had a lesson, well since we made the date so about 3 weeks. A couple we are teaching could possibly have a date within the next week or two for a baptism in April which would be sweet. They both are super awesome, they keep commitments and ask loads of questions which is helping them gain a better understanding. He does not want to move fast but he is keeping commitments he just doesnt want to agree to something He is not fully converted to yet. Which is completely fine we love the questions.
The family with the girls are back on board with everything hopefully. We had a lesson with them last night and, oh man, mind blown on the memory of her girls. We taught the Plan. We taught it because the Oldest Daughter had never been taught the plan by us before and it had been about 3 or 4 weeks for the girls. We got to the kingdoms and asked Her to tell us about them because she piped up and said she knew about them. Not only did she give 3 amazing explanations for the kingdoms, she also gave a description of Outer Darkness. We have never taught the plan to her and so she must have remembered it from church when she came about 4 or 5 weeks ago or done some studying on her own. It was awesome to see that she is remembering what is being taught to her.
I love helping people gain this understanding and conversion for themselves to help themselves move forward into these life saving ordinances.

The work is moving forward and somehow by the grace of God I am improving little by little as a missionary. I am sure after two years of this I will not be the same person I was before I left. Heck! I am not the same person I was 2 months ago. Its weird to see a change mentally, physically, and spiritually and such a big change. I know everything happens for a reason.
I hope all of you are doing fabulous and loving the Outside world. Keep me updated on the life and always live your life the best you can. "Everyday in Every way, we get a little better." Love you all so much, keep the faith and keep on the straight and narrow. Let your light so shine before men and be a light and standard unto the nations. I know the Lord will give you nothing that you can't handle. All our trials are capable of overcoming, it does not matter if you fall, it matters if you get back up. In the words of Brother Clark - in his testimony which shook me to the core "God loves broken things, thats why we have the Atonement. Just like the Sacrament prayer we have as many tries to get through lifes troubles as we need. God will always help us become fixed." Love you all so much. Stay Safe, Until Next time...

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
"That's What's Up"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-January 2015

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