Monday, October 13, 2014

Teaching the Gospel is a Miracle happening...

Hey family hope all is going well for you this week and that you had a wonderful Sunday experience yesterday!! :) This week ended up being really good for us and we had a lot of fun and saw of cool things come about. 

We spent the first few days of the week going through and sharing the flyers for the Meet the Mormons movie to the members in the ward, it was really fun to see how excited a lot of the members were for this movie to come out and how excited they were to share it with their friends, it turned out being an awesome experience and one that I am sure will help bring a lot of people into the church at least give a better understanding.

Friday we had a cool experience stopping by former investigators.
  • We stopped by and he was super excited to see us and ask us to come in to his home. We sat and talked for a little bit got to know each other and he said he would love to have us over for lessons, so we set up that appointment I am grateful and super excited to discuss the gospel of Jesus Christ with him. He was raised Roman Catholic and in his religious journey, he has come back to this faith as his true religion and in that religion it is written down the apostasy didn't happen and is having a hard time accepting that it truly happened, so we shall see. 
  • The other cool experience was this former member. We stopped by her house and she was super excited to see us too.  She still remembered the missionaries that started teaching her like 5 years ago, so that is impressive. She told us that she wanted to have us over and set up an appointment for a lesson.
The ward is going good, we are working hard and doing all we can to work our butts off to show the ward we are working and doing the things necessary to bring our own people to church and into the waters of baptism. So, hopefully as we pick up our own work the ward will start to come out to play too and help us, but we wont be waiting for them, we are just going to go and see great things happen I know it!!!

Example of giving a priesthood blessing to someone who is sick
  • Last night we had this awesome experience, we were walking around at about 7:30 and as we were going back to the car a thought ran through my mind lets go see someone and the name was specific.  It is night time on a Sunday good criteria for at least a "hello!" - we have not been able to catch this guy for 2 months almost. While we are walking around we come across a man with 2 kids walking around and so we go and talk to him, and offer him a Restoration pamphlet which he takes and we continue on our way. We see the door to this guys house that we have been prompted to go see and it is open, we knock with no answer, we then ring the door bell and about 25 seconds later (we usually leave at 30) a girl comes to the door. She's like elders how are you? we are like oh hey we are looking for so and so. She is like "Oh yeah he is my Father-in-law, he is out walking my 2 kids (remember the pamphlet guy, that was him) but you have the right house." Thank you for coming and She goes on to say "My husband has been really sick all day and I have been asking to get a blessing but he hasn't accepted, but now that you are here could you give him one?" We of course respond; we can, so we go in, give him the blessing, after we are done he says to his wife, How did you get a hold of the missionaries? She says honestly I didn't,  they just stopped by looking for your dad. So he said "elders tell your families thank you for supporting you because you are answering prayers and helping a lot of people." It was a really cool experience especially after a testimony meeting talking about following promptings, it was just so awesome to see it all play out and to look back on all the things that had to happen to get us to where we were at that time. 

Anyways not to much else to report on for the week. Miracles are going to happen I just know it!! You FAMILY are the best and I know Heavenly Father has a work for me to do as I close up my mission. Have a great week and know how much I appreciate all you do for me!!

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-June 2013
California, Irvine, USA
July 2013-December 2014

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