Monday, June 30, 2014

Missionary Sacrifice Family Holidays Brings Blessings!

What is up my family???!!! 

October 2013 (we really need an updated family photo opp!)

Can you even believe that it is the last day of June what the heck!!! hahaha! that is so insane. 

Lets see this last week as you know brought transfers, and I am still obviously here in Newport Beach still with Elder Byrd. This will make 6 months straight in an area so that is super exciting for me. Lets see what else has been going on?  The work in the ward is again as always looking at picking up. Really hard to get people involved in the work and do it so we are just doing different things looking at getting more and more people involved. 
Summer time here in California is insane. Their are so many people around it is retarded. We are having a mission anniversary July 4th from 330 to 800. It will be interesting to see how many people actually end up coming to Newport Beach, I guess my area, having the peninsula just goes crazy. 
Streets are shut down, extra patrols are brought in, we go from about 85000 people to about 200-250000 people just for the weekend, and seeing that this year the fourth lands on a friday it is expected to be even crazier. Hopefully I will get some awesome pictures of hilarious people to send home next week. But these show what we have to look forward too.
Friday we had Zone Conference. It was really awesome! We got lots of training it was centered around Lifting the Faith of others around us and being able to better recognize the spirit in our missionary efforts. So all in all Friday was a awesome day with that. We always learn so much on those days, it is when I like to just sit and listen to people teaching me "New" things, and/or remind me of things I already know. Sometimes it is not really new, just old information presented in a different way and/or in a way that my spirit hears it today for what is going on now in my life.   I think that is why we hear the same things in repetition ... precept on precept ... here a little there a little ... a time and a season for all learning. 

So remember Elder Robison, I trained him in Dana Point for  transfer, well now he is my Zone Leader, I must have been a GREAT Trainer!!!!  awesome, I love it - I really do Love where I am right now.  So oit's all good.

Thanks dad for the email, I really appreciate the info and the updates. The companion is not new I have had him for about 7 weeks now. Glad to hear we own part of a beach lot, I can fit in with the people down here in NPB! And no not really distracted, we hear a lot about  - at least the major soccer things, not to much about baseball so thank you for that.
Looking forward to the Mazda, that is probably the one thing I am "trunkie" about, is driving the car on my own with the tunes! thanks for the advice, I will continue to be a good person and Lord reliant. 
At any age serving a mission is a sacrifice one that needs to be planned for and prepared for.  We put our lives on the alter we serve others and learn about relationships and selflessness.  It is a time, if we are obedient to become disciples of Christ. For this I am grateful and honored to serve and it lifts the burden of the sacrifice.

Thank you family, for all that you do. Cool moment of being a missionary, a little 3 or 4 year old kid just walked up to my companion in the library with his mom and was like "missionary" and then shook my hand, I never get over little kids being so excited to see us. Makes me always want to be able of being a worthy missionary, seeing as they always think we are worthy and stuff. 

Anyways, That is all for me this week Hope all is going well for you all this week. Keep up the awesome work you all do. Thank you for everything, Love you so much. Until Next week!!
Love Elder Amric Sobczak

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-June 2013
California, Irvine, USA
July 2013-December 2014

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Gospel is True!

June 16th ...

Well it has been a good week out here in Newport Beach California! The only real thing to report on from the week is the investigator that we found named Kelsi Wilson. The experience was so cool and provided an awesome opportunity for us all to see when people are prepared and ready to hear the gospel they hear and listen. So we met her Monday and we met as a result of a member being a good friend and getting to know her. Sister sessions told us that Kelsi might be at our lesson Monday night but then called and said she wouldn't be there. Well after the prayer to open she came in. 

So we of course decided to share the first lesson with her the message of the Restoration. So we start sharing and she is just in love with it all and is so excited to learn. 

We get to the apostasy and describe what happened and she is like "wait you are telling me the true church was here, Jesus gave his authority, and then it was just gone?" Yes that is what we are saying. And she just goes off about how terrible that is and why that would happen if god loves us. So obviously she loved the Joseph smith story and the restoration of the priesthood and things like that. 

We talked about the Book of Mormon and she was so interested to hear Christ came to the Americas and taught the people. She asked us at the end to mark in the Book of Mormon where his teachings were so we did. 

At the very end we invited her to be baptized and she said she would once she knew a little more which is perfectly fine we set up a lesson for next week.

 Well on Wednesday we get a call from sister sessions saying kelsi had a revelation that she needed to do what? Move to Bakersfield and quit her job and go live with her mother. Oh man I was so bummed, just found a golden person so excited to hear the gospel and now she is moving. So we go and help her move on Thursday  and it was bitter sweet. Bitter for the obvious reasons and sweet for the fact that we got her address, phone number which allowed us to find the ward she is in. I called the bishop of that ward Thursday night got the number for sisters in the ward and then called them and talked to them about the situation and what had happened. Well they got in contact with Kelsi and have since met her, she came to church, and as you can tell by the email I sent you is quite happy with the church and having Christ in her life.

 I am excited to see where this goes, getting to stay in contact with her, we have each other's emails and I have her number so we are going to stay in touch which is exciting to see and be a part of. All in all that experience taught me one thing, that we all have our role in this life, and at different times that role may be different. My obvious role in this was to meet her, see the miracle of a prepared person, teach a good first discussion to bring Christ into her life and testify of the truthfulness of this gospel. As well as build a friendship and get her set up in Bakersfield. It is now the other missionaries role to teach and then baptize. I didn't need to see that, I already know it will happen. My faith was built in teaching and finding her, someone else's faith will be built by seeing her baptized and being confirmed. So it is all going great and that was such a wonderful experience she sent a text Thursday night where she said that without us bringing Christ into her life she would have been in a worse situation and that she feels angry and alone but happy because of having Christ and being a Christian. Again a powerful experience for me. 
this is my sandwich I made - peanut butter and hot fudge!!!
All in all that was the week, not t much else to report on. Transfer are coming up in a week and so we will find out on Saturday night what the fate of the companionship is. Hope all else is going well, great to hear from the two of you and excited to see what the world has in store for all of us. I love you so much and I know the atonement is real and can truly help change peoples lives if we allow it to. I love you and look forward to hearing from you shortly :) 
June 23rd...

Oh my gosh okay so not getting transferred. I am staying here in Newport Beach for another transfer which will make this area 6 months. So I am super excited about that. not to much else write about. Sister Murphy and Sister Anderson say hello. They are sisters in my district who are getting moved.
Sorry family, I am really boring this week. I do apologize for that. All my talking was in the letters. Hope all is well. 
SIsters; Nambukara, Anderson and Murphy

Love you bye​!!!!

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-June 2013
California, Irvine, USA
July 2013-December 2014

Friday, June 13, 2014

Don't Waste Time ... 180 days to serve here in California Irvine Mission

Lets see, this week has been a pretty good one, but again still pretty crazy.
the craziest thing was I got a call Thursday night saying I was going to be having an interview with President Ellis on Friday at three. Well that is all fine and dandy, I had a doctors appointment with the Foot lady Nahid at 10:45 so the plan turned into spend the whole day in San Clemente to do our weekly planning until we came back from the interview. Well, on our way from Mission Viejo to the Stake Center in San Clemente we stopped at the Rubalcava's Elder Byrd and I both served in Dana Point. So we stopped by and ended up having lunch there with Sister Rubalcava and her daughter, it was really fun. So after that we got to the stake center at around 2:30 and we heard President Ellis was a little bit behind in his interview schedule. Well, it got to be about 3:30, and 5 other people who were supposed to go after me had set lessons and so they needed to go ahead of me, by the time all of them were done it was 6:00 in the night time and President Ellis had to do a baptismal interview that was supposed to start at 5:30. So he did that one until 7:00, did the interview of the other person in front of me, until 8:00, then he met with me from 8:00 until 9:15. We then had to take the other elders that were there a ride back home, then we had to stop somewhere to pick something up from some other missionaries in Mission Viejo. We ended up getting home around 10:30, so insane!!!  So that was our Friday, ended up being so insane, out of the newport stake for about 12 hours haha!!! (not appropriate!) its all about being a missionary, The Life and Times of a Missionary - hurry up and WAIT!

Last P-Day we made our district T-Shirts. That is what mine looks like as you look at the pictures. They are pretty sweet, they turned out really great.
Other than that not to much to mention from the week. Had a good exchange with Elder McReynolds who is my zone leader. I will send some pictures from the Marshallese dinner party we had while on exchanges it was insane but it was so much fun.
Today the mission is doing a mission basketball tournament, each stake put together two teams of 6 an A and B team so 14 teams in total and today it is tournament day with double elimination to win the tournament, it should be super fun, I of course am not playing because I suck at playing basketball, but I am going to attempt the coaching side of it. We shall see how that goes. 

Anyways, that is all. Keep up the good work you all do. I really do appreciate all you do for me. I love you so much and thank you again for everything. Hope the house stuff is going great. 

SUU got my scholarship acceptance and deferment request so I am all set to go, just need to pay the commitment fee coming up in the next couple months, after I hear back from BYU we shall decide what will need to happen. But I'm 85% sure SUU is where I should go.  

Have a great week, love you so much and hope your week goes great!!!!:)

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-June 2013
California, Irvine, USA
July 2013-December 2014

Athlete Courageous Steadfast Different with Values

You don't have to relive stuff you don't want to relive...

It's not my number one thing [Basketball] ... I VALUE my God and my greatest accomplishment during that time [NBA] was staying married...

"I will Not Go There" ... "it's outside my value system if you have to fine me you have to fine me"

"Do you Really think they could pay me enough here, to love you?"...

"I get as good as anybody what it is to be looked at just because you're different..."

"I think every member of our society should run for public office some time in their life!..."

Please take a moment and watch...

Monday, June 2, 2014

Service, gods and Moving on a mission Here and at Home!

Dang, as of today I have about 6 months and a week left...isn't it crazy how fast time goes, especially when you are busy and doing things recording my voice on tape for the parents!
this is Mom at home (new house on Samish Island) still unpacking!
 First thing attached to wall is Elder Sobczaks Missionary tracking chart! 6 months to go TODAY!

There is not to much to report on from this last week. We met these people on Saturday who we helped move in, count 'em ... we have helped a total of 4 families move this week, so that is exciting sure felt like I was helping you without actually being there so glad to hear it all went well. 
this is the idea!
Anyways, the people we helped were really appreciative and we got their number and have been in contact with them since then and are looking at doing a dinner with them in the next week or two. They are moving here from Irvine and are really awesome people, it will be interesting to see how they react to us inviting them to take the lessons, because as you know that is what we do, as much as I want to  just be their friend, I know the Gospel will help them more than I ever could, so it needs to be introduced and brought up. The guy and his brother make these Snow/Surf Boards which are really cool. Basically what it is is a surf board pint in the front and a snowboard rounded back end and you ride it controlling with your back foot like how you ride a surf board. My companion and I are going to attempt to get one or get a discount on one so I have something to use when i get back to Washington and go to the slopes with Pops!

We did exchanges this week with the assistants, it was really fun. I stayed here in my area and went with Elder Schumacher. Some lady as we were attempting to contact her told us to stop where we were and then held out a can of pepper spray at us. So that was a first! Latter in the day we walked by these guys and this one guy was like get the "f" away from my car (I was walking on the sidewalk) so I step back trying to still talk to him. Then  he points to my keys that i have hooked to my belt and he told me to get further back because he has a "F"ing nice car that is limited (Its like a 5 year old Mercedes Sedan) and that he didn't want me keying it. Then told Elder Schumacher and I that we needed to stop what we were doing and go get laid, its Summer time thats what you should be doing, not out walking around. So that is the state the world is in these days, thats what we are up against being out on the mission!
the gods of this world!

Anyways, not to much else to report on, I have a short time today as I have to be somewhere around 1:20.  I love you so much, got the box and everything is awesome. Really appreciate again all you do and the money you sacrifice to help me out, hope I can help you out like this one day. Hope everything is going well and looking forward to a really good last 6 months and to see miracles happen. 
and yet another "permanent" address!
Glad to hear as well that church went well and that the ward is nice. Keep going, I don't want less active parents ;) Love you both so much, keep up the good work. Hope everything is going well. Love you lots!!

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-June 2013
California, Irvine, USA
July 2013-December 2014