Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Be Prepared for Anything ...

11 months ago today I entered into the MTC. my oh my! oh it does not seem like it was that long ago, time has been moving so quickly I cannot even believe it. Good and a bad thing I guess, good because well time is moving quickly, bad because well,  time is moving quickly! I just need to soak up  every minute I have learned and write it all down because there is no way I could ever remember it all.
This week was for sure better than the rest of the past couple ones. I got to keep Elder Madsen, he was originally scheduled to get transferred and I would stay with Elder Redhouse but the day before transfers we got a call to go up to the mission office and meet with President Ellis and well transfers were changed. So it has been fun working back in a regular companionship, much easier than being in a trio companionship that is for sure. 

With Thanksgiving this week there were not to many opportunities for teaching as everyone was out of town but we made the best out of the situation that we had. Thanksgiving itself was a blast. Had dinner at the Millers house that was a little awkward, nobody under the age of 80 at the party one guy was 93 so ya those are the people I hang out with on holidays, my ward is super old, not a lot of families with young kids or teenagers, lots of retired couples who just love having the elders over. Got to carve the Turkey at the Millers, because you know old people that shake holding a sharp carving knife didn't sound like to good of an idea. IT WAS TERRIBLE - hahaha!!! I must learn how to carve a turkey before I get to involved with the rest of my life, I just ended up ripping it apart piece by piece because it just was not cutting - so dad, prepare yourself and every needful thing Christmas 2014 haha! After that we headed over to the Timpke's WML, Did not eat a lot there because well, I was stuffed out of my mind. After there we headed over to Brother Carter, 83 year old guy who is WM and we love him, he is the best. Had some pie with him (Oh man, so much pie I have been in heaven)!  
After that, President Orgill and made the announcement earlier in the day that he wanted missionaries in their apartments or at a church building by 7:00 pm thanksgiving night which was weird but awesome. Thus we Watched "The Best Two Years", at the stake center with the rest of the Zone and let me just say this here and now - that movie, WAY more funny when you are a missionary haha!!! everything makes much more sense to me now.  So that was turkey day, oh and we played in the turkey bowl with the YSA ward that morning which was a blast!  Lots of people turned out so it was a really fun time, towards the end it turned into a game of rugby which as always made it even better :)  
Let's see, rest of the week there is not to much to report on for me at least. Yesterday was a good day, as always. Hung some lights for a neighbor of a member which was nice to do.
OHHH! I just remembered!!

 We also got to Celebrate Hanukkah with a ward member this week!  That was interesting! 

Well, that is me for the week. Yes mom I have a dinner on my birthday and there is a family in the ward where the mom has a birthday on the same day so we should be going over there sunday night after dinner so I am being taken care of.

to me!!

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-June 2013
California, Irvine, USA
July 2013-December 2014

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