Thursday, February 14, 2013

Don't Worry I am Here...

Do not worry Amric is here...

Yesterday was Lincolns birthday so instead of just celebrating it on PRESIDENTS day California likes to split up the birthdays and Lincoln, Washington and all other presidents get their own day to be celebrated. Yes it is ridiculous i know :)

So, this week has been a tough but a good one at the same time. I wrote this in a letter I sent home at sometime but I loose track and can't remember when or even if i really did haha!   Life is tough out here. You get ready and arrive our here thinking you know all you need to know because everyone at home tells you "oh you're going to be great", "you'll be awesome",  "you know so much" and so on and so forth! It makes you "Puffed Up" So to speak. When you get out here and you realize you can't get by with the basics anymore. You have to gain a deeper understanding of the gospel not for your investigators, they are fine with the basics, but the depth is for you. When you come to a deeper understanding you know how everything connects so you can explain to the people you are teaching in a simple bold statement. When you give them that statement and they understand it - well, it makes the 2 or 3 hours of studying that one topic worth it haha...

When I get home you guys will not even know who I am!  One reason will be because I have completely changed my view on studying. I never knew how important it was or really how to "Study." I have a study journal with all my notes, scriptures, analogies, insights etc...are also connected into each principle of Preach My Gospel. My PMG is very colorful and I have not even gotten close to finshing my studies...dont think I will until maybe the plane ride on the way home hahaha....  I know now why the Missionary must be converted when they come out here or that they must become converted while they are out here before they can ever imagine of truly expecting to convert other people. 
Another way I have learned a little more is teaching seminary...The seminary teacher for the Dana Point/ San Juan Capistrano Wards is in the Dana Point ward and is busy with work because he does something with surgeries. So we have taught seminary probably 5 or 6 times in the four and a half weeks I have been in the mission field. I can feel for the kids because just a year ago i was in their shoes...6 in the morning some old person telling you something you already think you know asking why must i be here..   It helps understanding that and having compassion for them being able to relate to their "feelings"  because it helps me at least know how to teach ...  Mom I dont know how you did it for 17 years...Its so intense...

The people here in this area are awesome. The members are great and they love to take care of us. 
The days are pretty much the same everyday. I Wake up at 620 go run for half an hour get ready, study, seek people out or study, then eat repeat eat teach members/investigators return home plan, sleep repeat hahaha!
 I am having a positive attitude about it all so I am getting better.  :) Yesterday on P-Day we went "thrifting". I hit three second hand stores big lots marshals and ross. I bought three ties (of the skinny variety) and a pair of vans which where a steal. We then ate at staks which is  a pancake place here in Dana Point. So good we will eat there when we return to visit. 
So thats my week really..sorry theres not much more but not a lot of crazy spiritual experiences are happening too.

Question to ponder: If there is oposition in all things even for those who have seen Jesus Christ in this dispensation, if they have seen perfection and light in the flesh (Christ) who else have they seen????
example: Adam and Ever Garden of Eden, JSH 1:15-16, "My soul was racked with torment,"  just a question i am throwing out there for people to think about. 

You'll be proud to know that I do know how to shop, buy, pay for and cook food for myself!  I cook lunch for myself everyday.  I'm learning to eat food out of my comfort zone like this week I had homemade tomato stew!  My comp put a half a head of lettuce down the garbage disposal so that was fun clogged it up bad.  Water and ground up lettuce everywhere, disgusting!

My comps are awesome one from Colorado one from Sandy I believe. We went to 5guys the other night after Stake Conference, that was nice.  We are teaching people and the members of the ward are AWESOME and VERY HELPFUL, I'll write about them in a letter.  Happy Birthday to Pax and Olaf, Hi to everyone, hugs and all that - REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE, CHURCHING IS TRUE!

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