Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hello Family and Friends,

So it is that time of the week again. 
First thing; 
Newport Beach Temple
I got to go to the Newport Beach Temple this morning. It was amazing. So cool to see it. They have this painting in the first room that is so good it looks like they took a panoramic picture blew it up and wall papered it on. It is a painting of Crystal
Cove in New Port. 
Crystal Cove

Coast Highway driving by Laguna Beach
The drive to it was really cool as well. Driving along Pacific Coast Highway through Laguna Beach along the ocean.
Yes the area is gorgeous last couple days have been sunny from 65-85 with a breeze,  basically "it's amazing" (Said in Penny voice from Happy Endings)  hahaha!

Sending some things home; Clothes I don't need, my planner from MTC, ties, flip flops, and calendar from this area.  I am really starting to get anoyed with this whole "Letters to mission home" thing. I am getting some of your letters that are dated the 7th, 8th or 9th of this month. Shouldn't take 10-12 days to get a letter from Utah&Nebraska. Got a letter from Aunt Sharon which was a real surprise!  It was really cool to get a letter from her. Didnt think I would haha.  She's great.  It made my day!  :)

John Baptized Jesus by Immersion

The investigators are picking up.  It's weird to think I have been gone for 7 weeks (3-MTC 4-Mission). Feels like yesterday dad was caling the church a cult because he couldn't walk with me into the doors of the MTC haha :)  

Funny Story (well kinda) Comitted a girl to baptism last Thursday.  She didn't show for church on Sunday.  Later found out that she wasn't at church is because she had a massive hang-over!  So it's a work in progress, we might need to teach the Word of Wisdom!!   WORK IS GETTING DONE HERE!

This is a "Quad"
(we call it that because it has
4 books of scripture in one)
Thank you Mom for the box you sent, I love the Quad, now I am trying to figure out how to mark it.  The magnet is hilarious "Remember Who You Are" because my Comps mom told him that as well. Cool that you scared me all the while I drove with taking my license if I got tickets...Because of my record I got to drive as a "greenie".  The only trainer that couldn't drive is mine because he is used to driving on the opposite side of the road!  Thus if I'd had a ticket or accident I wouldn't be with him OR be able to drive!  THX :)  Also, thanks for the Rugby articles.  You took them from a New Zealand Website didn't you?  Awesome!

Elder Sobczak on his baptism day
 with Ayris,Nanny and Apryl playing piano in the background!

I really am loving the mission. Its a hard life to get used to and I have to watch myself so much in everything i do, say, wear, and look like. Its teaching me a lot, even if it is only that I need to grow up and be an adult!  hanging out with high school kids for the past year and did not need to grow up, so its something I have to do now out here in the mission field. Thanks so much for keeping this all in your prayers, I do need them. I really do love you all so much and I am learning a lot.

I have been, and am being humbled here ... A LOT!  This is a learning process, and I learn for I must learn.  I have to change my outlook so much or I will be held back a lot  in my progression.  Love you all be safe I keep you in my prayers you guys are the Bom dot com!!
Weekly thought: If anyone ever says "Before Earth we were in the Pre-Exsistence" or something like that call them to reptentence. We have always Exsisted we all need to call it the right name "Pre-Earth Life". Look in I believe the 93rd section of the Doctrine & Covenants and you will find were it talks about it. 
Love you go and Read it, Ponder, Pray, Discuss :)   

Also note additonal links to read along with this blog today;)

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
"That's What's Up"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-January 2015

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