Wednesday, October 9, 2013

When He starts things, He finishes them perfectly...

Not to much to report on from this week sadly enough just that transfers are happening next week so we will find out Saturday if anybody is moving or not.

 Temple today was really good.A very much, well needed visit to go and learn and grow.  While there I Felt good about the house stuff.  It will all work out because I know that all of this was started by Heavenly Father and when He starts things they finish perfectly. 

I really can not think of stuff to write about for some reason my mind has just become blank. 

Conference was really good last weekend. Saturday was at the church building all day and my oh my what a great day!!
Sunday Morning with Eyring, Oscarson and Maynes - so amazing!!! Holland's talk on Depression, perfect, all of it was just so good and (again) amazing!
I can not wait to dive into them once I can get them printed out and re read them. What was your favorite talk? Questions or concerns - answers?

Again sorry I do not have much to write about now. Lots is going through my head but I can not compile it into a logical thought. I know everything will work in the end they exact way it needs to as we continue to do all we can to serve and follow the Lord. Have a great weekend of getting ready to move and moving. Let me know an address in Washington so I can mail some stuff to you ASAP! Love you so much and hope you have your prayers answered whatever they may be.

San Clemente after Priesthood conference session.

I made the traditional breakfast Sunday morning for the apartment...
 Hamburger Gravy, Hash browns, and eggs - Mom you'd be proud!!! I remember !!!

Love you so much have a great week :) Oh library will be closed Monday so i will be emailing next tuesday  - Remember, it's a holiday! Hope it's not Shutdown!!!???? hahahaha!

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