Monday, June 30, 2014

Missionary Sacrifice Family Holidays Brings Blessings!

What is up my family???!!! 

October 2013 (we really need an updated family photo opp!)

Can you even believe that it is the last day of June what the heck!!! hahaha! that is so insane. 

Lets see this last week as you know brought transfers, and I am still obviously here in Newport Beach still with Elder Byrd. This will make 6 months straight in an area so that is super exciting for me. Lets see what else has been going on?  The work in the ward is again as always looking at picking up. Really hard to get people involved in the work and do it so we are just doing different things looking at getting more and more people involved. 
Summer time here in California is insane. Their are so many people around it is retarded. We are having a mission anniversary July 4th from 330 to 800. It will be interesting to see how many people actually end up coming to Newport Beach, I guess my area, having the peninsula just goes crazy. 
Streets are shut down, extra patrols are brought in, we go from about 85000 people to about 200-250000 people just for the weekend, and seeing that this year the fourth lands on a friday it is expected to be even crazier. Hopefully I will get some awesome pictures of hilarious people to send home next week. But these show what we have to look forward too.
Friday we had Zone Conference. It was really awesome! We got lots of training it was centered around Lifting the Faith of others around us and being able to better recognize the spirit in our missionary efforts. So all in all Friday was a awesome day with that. We always learn so much on those days, it is when I like to just sit and listen to people teaching me "New" things, and/or remind me of things I already know. Sometimes it is not really new, just old information presented in a different way and/or in a way that my spirit hears it today for what is going on now in my life.   I think that is why we hear the same things in repetition ... precept on precept ... here a little there a little ... a time and a season for all learning. 

So remember Elder Robison, I trained him in Dana Point for  transfer, well now he is my Zone Leader, I must have been a GREAT Trainer!!!!  awesome, I love it - I really do Love where I am right now.  So oit's all good.

Thanks dad for the email, I really appreciate the info and the updates. The companion is not new I have had him for about 7 weeks now. Glad to hear we own part of a beach lot, I can fit in with the people down here in NPB! And no not really distracted, we hear a lot about  - at least the major soccer things, not to much about baseball so thank you for that.
Looking forward to the Mazda, that is probably the one thing I am "trunkie" about, is driving the car on my own with the tunes! thanks for the advice, I will continue to be a good person and Lord reliant. 
At any age serving a mission is a sacrifice one that needs to be planned for and prepared for.  We put our lives on the alter we serve others and learn about relationships and selflessness.  It is a time, if we are obedient to become disciples of Christ. For this I am grateful and honored to serve and it lifts the burden of the sacrifice.

Thank you family, for all that you do. Cool moment of being a missionary, a little 3 or 4 year old kid just walked up to my companion in the library with his mom and was like "missionary" and then shook my hand, I never get over little kids being so excited to see us. Makes me always want to be able of being a worthy missionary, seeing as they always think we are worthy and stuff. 

Anyways, That is all for me this week Hope all is going well for you all this week. Keep up the awesome work you all do. Thank you for everything, Love you so much. Until Next week!!
Love Elder Amric Sobczak

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-June 2013
California, Irvine, USA
July 2013-December 2014

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