Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Well that's one more down! The Spirit and Miracles Abound

So my oh my this week has been a crazy one...

  Ill start with some interesting news

A couple days ago I my bike had a really flat tire, so we left it at a members house because he gave us a ride home and
we had the car next day. turns out i had a leak in my tire, we go back like 3-4 days later to pick it up and we take it back after I go and buy a patch kit for the tube.'s the fun part...I took my back tire off and well excuse my French...all hell broke loose. Ball bearings were everywhere the pieces were not hooking back up and well I didnt find the leak...So i just decide I am going to take it to the bike shop in San Juan to get it fixed. 

The guy looks at my pieces and he says "Oh man, you broke your axle in three places"   So yeah they had to get me  a new axle, fix my tire, and fix my gears. So thats been the adventure with my bike for this week. Hopefully once i get it back today or tomorrow It will be in perfect working order and I wont have to worry about it for the rest of the mission. I was really irritated about it. Just snaped my axle in three places which made my wheel crooked and when i took it apart the tension holding it together was gone and so everything fell everyewhere...But hey its fixed and I should be getting it back...Mom knows I really always took things apart, now I've really done it!

Okay, On another note this week has been pretty okay one. There was a baptism of an ex-communicated member of the church which was actually really cool to see. Cool to see the changes and realizations that he made in his life to bring him back to where he was at this point in time. He is preparing to receive the Melchizedek priesthood and go to temple. Really cool to see, I'm blessed to be part of it. He gave us a stackable washer/dryer which it sounds funny but is truly a blessing.

 We no longer have to worry about hauling laundry all over the place taking up preparation-day time and then worrying about going to pick it up later in the week. Its the little things you really come to appreciate while out here on a mission. Its so cool to see people change their lives while they go through the process of learning and
accepting the Gospel. There trully is a physical change as well as a mental and especially spiritual change. The spirit it totally helps people out when they need it to. People feeling comfort or gaining answers to their prayers is so cool to see. 

Yesterday we went to Move some people it was crazy. People getting kicked on... cops called... we were all brought into it and made involved... drugs, alcohol, yelling, squatting, cursing...and this is a civilized state and country!  

The Mission President just sent a email saying I can email Family and Friends officially. So here is my email address so email me. It will be a lot easier to do that I am realizing than trying to write 5 or 6 letters in one P-Day.  so...   also, I won't know about transfers until April 6th.

Also this Less-Active lady who has been away from the church for about 20 years has had a huge change brought about in her life.  She left the church when she was about 13 (Mom died Dad exed) and she has now returned. She is slowly coming to the realization
of what she is capable of through the Gospel and the other day in the lesson she just started bawling because she realized all the things she had done her life that were against Gods will and she didnt know if she could be forgiven. We taught her repentance its true meaning and how God is perfectly understanding of how much we know and wont judge us for more than what we know. That helped her a lot. I was super happy for her and could clearly see that the atonement is at work in her life. She just loves the church and wants to do all she can to make Him happy again. 

K and her girls are continuing to progress. A Family meeting
with us Tuesday night, Tuesday is always a good day, Preparation Day and 2 awesome progressing investigators.

I will write more in letters, hopefully i get some written today. Dont have much time on the email and I dont know what else to say. Thank you for the prayers and thoughts. Life is going great out here in the OC and everyday seems to go by faster. Its weird I love the work and everything and I love watching the spirit work miracles in these peoples lives but still everyday I just think..."well thats one day down!" In my mind its not selfish its just a logical thought to have I guess. I dont know, the work is good I am good I am loving this mission experience and the lessons I am being taught by the spirit and all those lessons around me.

Did you here about the Stake center the church built in the UAE?        It's pretty exciting, (better let Matthew know!hahaha! he always said let him know stuff like this!).
It seems like the second coming is happening super quick I mean come on newly reopened mission in Istanbul Turkey and now a stake center in the UAE. 

Life is getting good and hard at the same for those of us who know, keep on keeping on - ENDURE TO THE END!  I love you all so much 
 Stay Safe and keep the Gospel in your life. Love you again until next time :)

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
"That's What's Up"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-January 2015

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