Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Mission has Started up!!! and I am moving FORWARD....

Hey hey Family of mine, and the rest of you...:)

So the work out here in Foothill Ranch is moving right along. It has (in the past) had a string of misisonaries not working the area with the numbers to show!   We are picking up and moving forward though through the good graces of the Lord. This last week has seen some funny things happen and some amazing things at the same time which has made this week fly by.

Start off with the cool stuff...

  • Sunday Tyler Feist a YM in the ward whose family are amazing missionaries went out with us to teach a lesson with a Former Investigator couple.   They love the missionaries and the sacrifice we make to come out and serve and just are interested in general with the church. We started talking with them just getting to know them and they led the conversation into how are we called as missionaries, who are our leaders, and how are they called?   We answered their questions well and they understood it. They got who apostles are, the revelation behind sending out missionaries and how a new Apostle/Prophet is called. They were pleased with our answers and then the Mrs. brought up a concern of her sons, which was "With all these Christian religions preaching Heaven Hell only in their doctrine". They know good people - and the question is; "just because they dont believe "The Right" way are they are going to hell?  It concerned them and thus presented us with the question. So we answered that from the scriptures with Tyler reading in Corinthians 15:11-13 about the degrees of Heaven. We even talked about JST (Joseph Smith Translation) and they accepted it and didn't bash with us at all. We ended the night with a prayer and set up a lesson for next Sunday at 8:00pm.  Yes we did!!!! -We had just picked up 2 new investigators! It was a really cool experience because looking back on it I can see the Spirit that was there leading the conversation, it wasn't any of us, it was the Spirit. 
  • We have developed a solid relationship with a guy named Ethan who we found knocking on the wrong house of a referral we could not find. He liked us stopping by and told us to get a hold of him to set up a lesson in the future with him and his family. So that will be awesome if he becomes more interested. 
  • Lastly, a member family we had dinner with gave us the name of their next door neighbor who are about as golden as can be. The mom has told them that she wants her and her children to be members. They come to all the activities, daughter is participating in Activity Days and they attened church when people they know are speaking. The problem is the dad is not as sold, which is always the case. I have come to realize on my mission as much as I hate to say it, Women are just way more in tune with the spiritual side of things then men. It is just a gift they have for some reason. So those are the cool stories. The ward is crazy, no bishopric in town on Sunday and everybody else it seems is out of town too. But hey it is July, we cant all be full time missionaries. 

6 months in the book! Easy as scoring a try from the 5 meter line. The mission is going quick and bringing miracles. I can tell everything is changing and only hope I can hold on and remember. The Irvine mission has started!!!

  • OH I totally forgot one more cool thing:
We had a "Mission Kick-off" conference the other day where we got to meet the missionaries from Anaheim and President and Sister Orgill. They are so funny and completely different than President and Sister Cook.  This will take some adjusting!!!   They have that "Islander Swag" so to say. And I mean how could you not, after serving at the PCC (Pacific Cultural Center) for 12 years. The PCC Traveling dance promo team has made a deal with President Orgill that anytime they come to the states to do a promo tour they will always stop in his mission somewhere to do a show. So for the next 18 months I might get to see the PCC people a lot which i am super excited for and all the members are exstatic about. We told our members this and they were like "That will be perfect to get non members to!"

Deep Thought:
Does Faith precede hope?  hope precede faith?   or do they work in harmony in each other? through all my studies on Faith and Hope I cannot find a defining answer to settle this for me, only close one for me is Hebrews 11:1.... FEEDBACK and / or CONVERSATION is a good thing ?!?!?!

So there we go, another week in the books and in the memory. Time goes quickly when you stay invested and stay consecrated. I love you guys so much, thank you for all of the things you have done for me since starting the mission. We will all be blessed for this great sacrifice. 

Stay amazing and stay classy, the Lord is always there if you just ask:) Until next time!:) 

Love you all :) 

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-June 2013
California, Irvine, USA
July 2013-December 2014

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