Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Training, Indexing and Transfers

Well well well...

Another week in the books lets start off with some interesting news from this last week:

I am getting transferred...Yes after 4 weeks of Foothill Ranch Ward I am being moved again. So you know thats fun, going on my fourth area in less than seven months who knows what lies ahead...
I got a Trainers call. Yes I will be Co-Training (So a trio) a brand new missionary or maybe 2 brand new missionaries. So that will be fun, hopefully means I will get to stay in my next area for at least two transfers. 

Oh yeah, got my District Leader cal also! So along with training a brand new missionary I will be leading a district of missionaries...So that should be a fun thing to do. 

So thats all the big news but from my end other than that the week has been going as usual.  I have come to love "Indexing" so mom be happy. There is a senior missionary in our ward who lives here and is an expert at Genealogy. SO once a week we go over and do indexing on Family Search and it is SO MUCH FUN. Love getting to feel a part of helping people find their family, where they come from and what they did. So I will for sure keep up with that during my mission and after. 

At dinner last night I found out some interesting information. So remember how BYU-I did not have a Tech Theater degree and that was one reason i did not want to go there. Well starting in the fall of next year they are introducing a BA in Theatre Arts with a bunch of different emphasis and Tech is one of the emphasis with about 20 classes to go along with it. They revamped their whole department and the whole staff from what I heard I am super excited about the degree. So this is why you never make solid plans before the mission. It all changes anyway. 

Got kicked out of a apartment complex. People really have no idea what the word "Soliciting"  means and when I try to educate them on the definition they get irritated and tell us to leave. Also telling me I cannot visit members of my congregation is irritating as well. So I have decided I am going to study their "No Trespassing" signs and know them better than they do so they cant do anything. I don't like not being able to go places because of a sign.

The ward is super sad to see me go and I am sad to be leaving. It is only four weeks since the last time I packed my bags but it has flown by. Got connected to the ward and my WML Brother Andre told me that the ward improved a lot while I was here and I really helped a lot. He said that I will be good wherever I go so I shall hopefully live up to that. I really really love this ward!

Question posed this morning by a guy we had breakfast with...

Is the Gospel about improving the quality of your life, or is it about being saved by Jesus Christ. I think they are one in the same but he thought the Gospel is only about being saved.

Also note to self: I LEARNED HOW TO SAY SOBCZAK IN POLISH!  and the guy that taught me KNOWS ELDER PETROWSKI WHO SERVED IN POLAND!!!   so this is what he said the name is pronounced So ( like "So What") B (B as in Boat) and Chak (Like "Chalk" Without the "L")

I love you all hope all is going well!
Stay classy. Love you all :)

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-June 2013
California, Irvine, USA
July 2013-December 2014

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