Tuesday, September 3, 2013

SERVE, FOLLOW, WRITE - oh and LEAD! It's busy out here!

Oh man my family and friends ....  how crazy has this week been?????

So some quick updates for you from my life...I am training another missionary, starting today.

Elder Belnap and Elder Hair are getting transferred so I will be getting someone brand new from the MTC again in a couple of hours. Keep it in your prayers the rest of the day that it is someone who is ready to work and get going!  Other than that not anymore transfer news. I am staying District Leader here in Dana Point. So I will have 2 conferences in the same ward, I just think it is so crazy to be back here. The Combined total at the end of this transfer will be 6 months in Dana Point ward. Which will be really nice. 

I got all of your emails which was great. Thank you so much for your time and effort in sending those out. 

So this week brought about lots of craziness...first off this week brought about September!!! Say What?!!! What has happened???!!! This is going by so fast, 8 months out and it feels like a month or two. Cannot even imagine how fast it will feel at the end. But hey, staying busy and dedicated to the work - thats why it goes by so fast. Staying busy and focused on the work, not on the time that is what I have learned to do. 

We are meeting with a family who lives just down the street I taught she and her family when I was here before.  It is so great and she recognizes that everything happens for a reason.

Thanks for the email pops.! Always good to hear from you. I will keep you in my prayers for the work. Cool to here that the ward could potentially have 5-7 missionaries out at the same time. I will keep all of them in my thoughts and email them or write them if they reach out for help/questions/concerns. Keep up the good work you have done.

Deep thought;   Read Alma 8 focusing on verses 18-20. 

18 Now it came to pass that after Alma had received his message from the angel of the Lord he returned speedily to the land of Ammonihah. And he entered the city by another way, yea, by the way which is on the south of the city of Ammonihah.
 19 And as ahe entered the city he was an hungered, and he said to a man: Will ye give to an humble servant of God something to eat?
 20 And the man said unto him: I am a Nephite, and I know that thou art a holy prophet of God, for thou art the man whom anaangel said in a vision: Thou shalt receive. Therefore, go with me into my house and I will impart unto thee of my bfood; and I know that thou wilt be a blessing unto me and my house.

It might be confusing, but if it is read the whole chapter, this is where Alma and Amulek become missionary companions or "Co-Workers", they find each other. As you read Answer the question "How does Alma run into Amulek and what does that signify? How can it help me in my life deal with those I work with?" 

Hope that helps, maybe there was a reason those verses jumped out at me. I know that everything happens for a reason.  Good luck with the sisters moving in. Everything has a purpose. Maybe one of them is suppose to marry me!!! hahaha!

Oh, teams to focus on= Seahawks, Mariners, College Football (Top 25 ) Thats ALL!!!

Ayris, not much help I can give you without being there, so sorry hahaha! 

I hope you get to watch television soon:)

Well, thank you for taking the time to read this email. The Gospel becomes more and more clear everyday. You all are great support to me. Thank you for being you and staying amazing. I know the job will work out. I had a confirmation that it will. Whatever the Lord sees. Before you get a call from FCNW watch the mormon message entitled "The Will of God" it is my favorite and will help all of us through this. 

Thank you for all you do. Remember, no matter what, it all goes back to Jesus Christ, no matter who you are, what you do, or what happens, all goes back to and is overcome through and by Jesus Christ. I love you so much and hope this week will be a great one. 
I do not have much to email today as we have to get packed and run final errands for transfers. Mom, Just so you know "Missionary Lingo" verbiage goes like this; Son = someone you train.   Father = the person who trained you.  Kill someone = you were the last companion before they went home.

 I will write more next week. Love you so much, have a great week :) 

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