Wednesday, September 25, 2013

We all strive for...Exact obedience in all things

Change Means Progress

First off how on Earth are we already half way through the month of September?? ( well now it's the end of sept!)

 What is happening to time? 

Second off, not to much to report from this last week. The work in Dana Point is right on the verge of going crazy busy or stagnant so we are working hard to get it going and getting the ward missionary minded and trust us enough to let us teach their friends. The boys are doing very well, progressing nicely towards Baptism on the 2nd of November. As for our other investigators; we are striving to set up lessons every week with them and keep them interested. It is a process, but hey it all goes well!
family room
room room packed - valley transfers!

fireplace - valley

whatcom falls
family room - valley

So glad to hear that the trip went well. Man somebody really jumped on the opportunity to look at our house thats great!! I will keep all of this in my prayers as the week goes on. Crazy to think in a month we will have a different address in Washington again! How in the heck?? Never thought that would happen. Dad sent me the new phone number for him, weird to see a 360-470 number again! It all seems right so show your faith and do everything necessary to allow the Lord to work miracles. This involves us doing everything we can do to have the spirit to be able to listen to the promptings of the Spirit. One thing I have learned out here is that; Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles. Not judging that anybody isn't being obedient, just stating the importance of it all. 
Zane and Marion

How are the Sisters reacting to all of this, moving situation? Seems like they would be pretty shell shocked. 

Thats my desk after 3 packages!
I am glad to hear that everything is going good. Sorry again, time is a crazy thing so sorry for short emails, letters and all of that. Hey I got your package!!! Oh man you and Ayris went insane. Note picture of what my desk looked like after unloading it all. I truly appreciate all you do for me. Focus on getting everything house wise sorted out and not so much on me for the next month. Just make sure that everything is getting taken of that needs to. That is an order :) Said in my cute joking manner :) You are all so awesome, you rock and are great :) Have a great week and stay awesome. 

12 week program
Tell the Sisters hello for me and hope the 12 week program is going good :) They will know what I mean. Keep up the awesome work, if you want to study something I know it is not in Book Of Mormon, but look at Hebrews 11 - it has to be one of my favorite chapters in all of canon!  It helps us see what can happen we work by Faith. 

this is me with my "young man" face that Pops is always annoyed with!
this is companion, Elder Robison from Boise Idaho

Okay, hate library computers, I am not getting your messages... but whatever, don't cry or be upset or think you are stupid. I just isn't working I know you and it is not your fault. As far as moving and packing goes... Get rid of anything electronic. Except my TV. anything else get rid of. Cords, wires, VHS players, DVD Players, Sound Systems. Get rid of all of it. We will start over when I get home. Hmmmm anything else?? Cannot think of it. Also, I hate my bike, the thing is not coming home with me. Love you lots mom. Probably wont get mail until tomorrow or thursday. Hope all is going well.

I have to go now. Thank you so much for being there and helping me out. I need a reliable mode of transportation.  Thank you so much for all you do for me I really truly appreciate it. I love you so much thank you again!! If it helps I love bike riding and have lost 30 pounds because of it. I have officially hit my 80 pound mark. Down 80 since last year.  It will be worth it 

"Fourth Floor Last Door"

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