Monday, January 6, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 1 Year in 1 to go

Hey hey there familia so some awesome information to update you on...
Oh man the last email of 2013 from the mission crazy is that!!!
Not to much to report on seeing as how we talked on Wednesday, even though that feels like ages ago. It has been a rough week...we taught 3 total lessons,'d think i am in a foreign land that hates mormons...sadly.
I have been sick ever since Friday, like my Once a year Holy Crap Amric is Sick kind of sick so that has made things a little rougher. This week though is already looking way better, Bringing on 2014 we already have 7 lessons set Temple on Thursday Hit my Year Mark on Thursday church switches to 12:30-3:30 reverse block which is nice so gotta look at the positives of life otherwise the mission will just drag on and not get better and only go longer.
Baptism happened on Saturday which went amazing!!! We filled the chapel. Think Fremont Sacrament Meeting, thats how many people were there to support Allison as she got baptized. So cool!!
Oh, our temple President passed away, Nolan Draney. He was from our ward so it is a big deal. He was very well known throughout the Temple District and his services are today and they are expecting 1500-2000 people at the service so about the size of a stake conference.
Anyways not to much else. Oh Dad I need the names of the missionaries that Baptized you. (Fred Dewitt and Eddie Lockwood - they were stake missionaries)The Mission President's wife that was the mission president of the Tempe Mission from 78-81 is in my ward and there is a guy who served in the Tempe Mission from June 1978 to June 1980 and he may be able to get in contact with the missionaries that taught you - so I NEED THAT INFORMATION!!!:)
Anyways hope all is well in Zion - Keep up the good work I love you all so much thank you for the Christmas gifts :)

Jan 2nd - 1 YEAR!
Other news...

It's the tradition and I did it ...I burned my shirt and tie....  I have taken lots of pictures, I am scared to send my memory card home from my camera mainly because it has pictures since May on it, so when you get it you need to immediately put all pictures on the soon as you get it. I am going to buy another memory card today I think and send this one home so be prepared to put this pictures on.
So yesterday our ward had a thing called "Great to be Eight" which is a little baptism preview for all of the primary kids turning eight in 2014 and all of the fun things you get to do after you turn eight. Well, our investigator family the Gonzalez's have a daughter (Skylynn) who is already eight and so she got to go and her mom and dad came as well. Super spiritual experience her dad is currently a teacher and when Bishop Platt was talking he was saying how all of the kids baptisms will be done by their fathers even was so cool basically just said that her dad will be worthy to baptize her when she gets baptized. After her thing Bishop Platt and Brother Lenning (1st Counselor) kind of cornered Sister Gonzalez and started talking about baptism and setting a date...well guess what as we were all showing them the font and talking about everything that needed to happen they set a date with Kerrie and Christian for the 25th of JANUARY!!!! YES!!! Aw so sweet so sweet is was and is awesome....we are so stocked for them and they will be ready, miracles and prayers are answered...So that was like the cherry on top to the week.

Other news,,,
Elder Madsen and I are staying together as companions. Should be fun we have lots of big plans to help this ward and we both will get to see the Gonzalez family go from new investigator to entering into the waters of baptism. As of about 5 minutes ago we were just going to stay us but literally the assistants just called and said President wants to put another young missionary with me, so we will be in a trio. Also, we are losing our full-time car, which is perfectly okay. So next transfer will be a trio with the car on the weekdays and bike on the weekend. Which will be sweet. Elder Madsen and I are stocked for everything and this missionary coming in is going to get put right into work which will be awesome.

Not really anything else to report on. Should be fun keeping the same companion and staying in the same area for three straight transfers. Nice, it should be lots of fun, not a lot of new things to work out or anything like that.
Don't live on the edge -- watch this -- 

Anyways I hope all is well and that everything is going good. Have a great week and know I love and miss all of you. Keep up the awesome work and stay strong in the Gospel :)

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-June 2013
California, Irvine, USA
July 2013-December 2014

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