Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Start Strong finish well

Hey hey there family glad to be able to write you 
Not to much to update you on this week. The  Gonzalez family is doing great and prepping for their baptism on the 25th of January which is coming right up. So exciting to see them go from beginning to end and how much they have changed in all of this. The companionship is going really well. All three of us are getting along great which is awesome again to be apart of a companionship that is getting a long so well.

Some cool things to update you on....some members gave us the names of four of their neighbors to go and see and so obviously we went to see of them Mike Martin let us in Friday night and gave us some dinner and talked to us for about an hour, invited us over the next morning to help him with some stuff around the house. Really awesome time there really great guy. 
Elders doing service
Service or Mountain Biking!
I am riding the bike more and have decided I am going to turn it into a even better all-mountain mountain bike when I get home and get into mountain biking. I was talking to a guy at a bike shop while my companion bought a bike and he was telling me how good of a state for mountain biking Washington is and I decided I want to use the bike I have for what it is really 
meant for when i get home so stay tuned on that, yet another one of "Amric's Ideas" he gets hahaha!!!

So this is the Raver Family that I taught while in Dana Point. I love serving missions because this is what happens...HAPPY FAMILIES!!! :)
Oh Max is in the Hospital because he got into a nasty Surfing Accident but he is all okay...    Max wanted you to see the awesome shot he took in the barrel last week
inside the barrel
That is really all for me, The Ha!e family in the ward are HUGE Seahawks fans, so we went over there last Sat to share a message with the family and get a little update on the game :) hahaha!!! The dad lived in Seattle he works for Boeing and was saying "I have been waiting 30 years for this day to come!!!" hahaha!!! so funny!   SO that is nice, Also, the Dunham Family they are awesome and by far one of the favorite families in the ward, they have a 14 year old son who is awesome and keeps me updated hahaha!!!  Happy for Dad and Austin!  --that they got to go to the game LIVE!  

Anyways, that is all from for the week, the church is great and true, the gospel is perfect. My goal for this transfer is to read Jesus The Christ so that is fun and exciting to read, such a good book with lots to learn from it.


That is all from me for the week. Keep up all of the good work and stay safe. Love you all so much!!!

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