Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gospel of Jesus Christ remains the same

Okay so I will get started with the update first, I am getting moved from Alicia Park. Same thing with Elder Madsen. We are both getting moved. Always a weird experience to get moved. I have come to love Alicia Park but know that obviously the Lord is need of me elsewhere. It has been a fun last 4 1/2 months and great friendships have been made. So that is that...

Some funny things happened this week. The main one is that Elder Madsen and I were teaching the South family Wednesday night the Plan of Salvation. We were using the plan of salvation pamphlets in teaching which normally is no big deal. When I started the lesson having everyone look at the front cover of Christ coming out of the Tomb I ask them to all look at the photo. As I display it I look over at Elder Madsen and say "What the heck?" cuz he is crackin up.   What had happened was I somehow grabbed the pamphlet that had been drawn on by someone. The picture as you can see below - is Christ holding a KFC bucket and a pitcher!  Elder Madsen and I just lost it for about 20 seconds in the beginning of the lesson. Oh man so crazy, one of the most awkward moments on my mission.
Yesterday as a zone we went to this place called Big Air. Which is a giant trampoline park, it was so much fun. Little sore today but it is all good we had a blast.

A Little Prep Day Action

James 1:5 From One Scripture the gospel is Restored....

We had a cool experience finding a girl in a park on Saturday morning. We were walking around talking to people and this girl said she wanted to hear what we had to say. We stood there and taught her the first part of the Restoration which she really liked. She had a lot of good questions and seemed very interested. Of course we set up a lesson for later in the week in the which I will not be here so hopefully all goes well with her and the new missionaries coming along.

The Dunham's - Go SeahawkS The 12th Man RepResents here on my mission!
Somehow I have accumulated more things on my mission and so I will be sending a couple packages home today that should get to you by Friday or Saturday. Don't throw anything in the box away. Again I will sort through all my stuff when I get home and decide what needs to be kept and thrown away.
Hey! Those are my glasses!
In all ways it has been a fun ride here in Alicia Park, I am glad to have the opportunity to see more of the mission and meet more people. I love the work and just glad to be out here!
Thank you for all you do, it is truly very appreciated. I love you all so much and hope to hear from you soon!! :)

Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-June 2013
California, Irvine, USA
July 2013-December 2014

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