Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 3rd Crazy goings on....

So first things first no pictures this week as I seem to have misplaced my camera in my car or apartment, so hopefully next week i will able to send you some stuff. 

Anyways ... this week has been a really good from a personal perspective, a pretty lousy one from my companion perspective but I will  not bore with the lousy details. Life in Newport Beach is exciting to say the least, but really not my cup of tea haha. Yeah the beach is nice and the weather is awesome, but it gets old, maybe that's how people feel about the rain, I of course never get tired of rain but get tired of sunshine!

Meeting lots of people not to mention any names but in a nut shell one thinks this really wealthy guy is out to get her killed because she wrote a play that incriminates him and will get his "Story" out to the world. I think if she is right, it will be a movie, if she is wrong and stays this crazy, it will be a movie, so either way from the way I see it, I am going to be involved in a movie!! ;)  She is super paranoid and thinks all are out to get her.  We invited her to go to something at night and she said the only way she would is if someone that was rich and well known was driving so it would make the news.  So ... yeah! Some crazy goings on here in California!

I find this amazing just a general thought, In my opinion no one should be on government assistance and not do anything, the way I see it if you don't do anything and let the government take care of you ... well anyway the government shouldn't pay people to live on the beach!  You live in paradise for free essentially. Anyways, rant over.
So I think I might be onto something with a career/major. So you know how i mentioned last week that verse from Alma do not seek after money or the vain things of this world? 
12 And now the Spirit of the Lord doth say unto me: Command thy children to do good, lest they lead away the hearts of many people to destruction; therefore I command you, my son, in the fear of God, that ye refrain from your iniquities;
 13 That ye turn to the Lord with all your mind, might, and strength; that ye lead away the hearts of no more to do wickedly; but rather return unto them, and acknowledge your faults and that wrong which ye have done.
 14 aSeek not after riches nor the vain things of this world; for behold, you cannot carry them with you.
Well I wanted to reevaluate what I truly loved doing. I have realized I like this whole Middle Management bit, I am close enough to the people (Missionaries to District ratio is about 4 - 1 in terms of companionships maybe 6-1) Instead of this upper management deal (Zone Leader to missionary ratio 1-15 in terms of companionships)  and Assistant is 1 - about oh 70 or so in terms of companionships. Thus the conclusion that I was thinking is to be somewhere in Management where I could be with the people but still know the big guys and also be in theatre. So i thought of getting a degree in Business Management and Technical Theatre = potentially set/light design or stage management. Let me know what you think about that idea.

All in all the work is going great. This week has been a real eye opener for me and has let me see that God and Christ really are looking out for us in all ways. It does not matter what we have done or haven't done they care about us and want to help us in anyway possible. It is awesome to see and feel of the love the Savior and what He has for you. He truly has taken upon himself the sins and bad feelings of the world and will help you through all of your trials as you are willing to continually accept him in your life and look for help and guidance, He wants to help us and will help us, we just have to invite him to do so.
Keep up the good work, I am so thankful for all of you do and cannot wait to hear from you. Have  a week full of miracles and wonderful stories. 
Know I keep you all in my prayers and know that the Lord is watching over each and every one of you. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!
"Fourth Floor Last Door"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-June 2013
California, Irvine, USA
July 2013-December 2014

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