Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Promptings Miracles and Traction

So we had a pretty good week out here in the good ole' California Irvine Mission. The main cool thing was that Elder Neil L Anderson came and talked to all of us and then on Sunday for Easter he came to our stake and did a Stake Conference. It was awesome. Some Highlights of his and others from the weekend talks are as follows:

  • We are the Salt of the Earth. Salt is put into to bread to raise the bread, we are sent out to "Raise the Faith." I thought that was a really good way to look at that because I have always looked at that phrase as a negative, this is from Elder Anderson.

  • Sometimes the Lord knows we have the Faith to be healed and have Faith in Christ to heal us, but sometimes what is being tested is our "Faith to Endure." How well will we continue to be faithful and obedient when we are not seeing the outcome right off the bat of doing the good things. I have determined that that is what is being tested with me right now. Will I continue to do what needs to be done even when nothing seems to be happening. Obviously tweak things that need to but ultimately will I stay obedient or will I say it doesn't matter. So that was really cool, that thought came from our stake president.
  • We need to be more thinking of ways to forgive the people around us. I mean come on, Christ forgave the people that were killing Him and the people that were next to him on the cross. This came from Sister Haney I believe, wife of area seventy

  • Again, Apostles have seen the Resurrected Christ. Elder Anderson read President Packer's testimony from last conference and even now, I just feel the Spirit confirm to me the truthfulness of His words, his added testimony to that of Joseph Smith. Elder Anderson then said, "I add my witness, I am His Witness, He Lives, I am His Special Witness." Oh man the spirit that was there when He said that, Oh man even now it gives me the chills.

  • Elder Anderson talked about all the places he has been and will be going to and basically rebuked the whole stake with out them even realizing it, it was so subtle. He basically said that the people in third world countries are much happier because they are humble. Again I don't have the exact quote but it was much more subtle than what I just said.
Those are the things I remember. It was an awesome Easter Weekend. On Wednesday night right before I went to bed I felt prompted to start a 24 hour fast for better guidance and strength in "finding" and to know how to stay more consecrated. We had Zone Training Thursday and Elder Campbell was sitting next to me, he is another DL in the Zone. He was talking about how he just started a 40 day fast, where you give up a list of like 10 things for 40 days, in the hopes to become more consecrated and become more open to the spirit. I was like; "Oh man sweet I will do it with you". He was like; "you have to start it with a 24 hour fast". I was like; "I already am, I felt prompted to start last night". He was like; "No way, I was trying to find a companion to do it with because mine isn't".  So it was cool to see how following promptings will end up helping someone as well as helping yourself. You have to follow the prompting as they come into your mind.   Don't ever pass up an opportunity to be guided by the spirit.

Nothing really else to mention. Except Monday after emailing we saw Kobe Bryant and Fashion Island, a mall here in Newport Beach. He was getting his Five Guys. Pretty cool. So lets see....Oh so I am officially accepted to SUU for Spring 2015. I also applied for the WUE scholarship, the lady over new freshman scholarships told me to follow up in October to see if I am being considered for the scholarship. Still waiting to hear back from BYU so we shall see how that works out. Really would love to go to either one,  so we shall see what happens???

Nothing else to mention. Transfer is going good, already week 4 cannot believe it. Hope all is going well, the loneliness is kind of going away, my comp just goes to bed super early so I never know what to do from 9:30 to 10:30, but I do have stuff to do. But it is going better so I am doing all good. Being on a mission is hard in alot of different ways, even though it is so awesome too.

Love you all so much Hope everything is going well. I have a package to send, but it can wait until I have a new address to send it too. Love you all so much, Thank you for everything you do. 

Oh quick side note, could you send me my cleats? The orange/yellow ones I wore in rugby? we do a lot of outside sport (soccer rugby ultimate Frisbee) so it would be nice to have some traction.Love you all so much keep up awesome work!

 Love you all so much :)

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-June 2013
California, Irvine, USA
July 2013-December 2014

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