Monday, April 7, 2014

Great Great Week

Oh Man what a good week!   So for sure conference was super awesome - I loved it :)
I will list some of the highlights from it  (from memory for as again I forgot my notebook so I cannot really remember what 100% happened:
  • President Packer. Such a simple powerful testimony that he knows God lives, that the Holy Ghost is a personage of spirit, and that Christ lives. I felt as he was talking that it was the last time we would be hearing from President Packer. It was so good, just short simple and to the point as always it was really good.
  • President Uchtdorf's talk in priesthood was hilarious talking about the airplanes and all of that. He is hilarious but has good insights to the funny stories he tells.
  • I thought it was interesting Elder Bednar's talk about the load. It helped me better understand trials and work load in the mission field. You want it to be simple but you wont see anything come from it truly if there is no load, you will get stuck and wont be able to move forward. You must have weight on you in order to move forward.
  • Elder Richard G. Scott story from his childhood about having an example in his life to explain to him the importance of having a good example and providing the importance as well of being baptized. 
  • President Henry B. Eyring hit on this as well as he talked about the examples in his life of how to be a good man. It made me want to be that kind of a leader when I continue forward in my mission and in life. Always be that example that will help others strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ. 
  • Lastly I thought the most interesting thing was the difference between KEYS and AUTHORITY that they hit on during the priesthood. We all have the authority to use it but not all have the keys, and everything must be done in regards to the keys. I have noticed that much through out my mission, you must work through keys because that is the only way the RIGHT work will get done. But you must have the authority to work with the keys. I just thought it was good that they hit on that so much because it is a problem right now in the world the outlook people have on women and men in the church.
Also from this week I replaced a light switch in my apartment. I through a picture in that shows what i did. Had to shut off the power to the apartment so i could switxch it out. It was bugging me that a light switch was there but did not turn on anything, so i went to home depot to pik up anew switch and now it works. Glad I know how to do common electrical fixes in my house.
My old neighbor Lane Valentine from Elma Wa -
(4th one up on the right) sang in the choir that was fun to see! 
The rest of the week was just a build up to conference that ended with just complete satisfaction. Conference is the Superbowl for missionaries!  Everything is going pretty well. I have learned that I do not want to be trunkie when i get to my final transfer or two out here on my mission. I want / desire to push myself until the end and not give up at all. So that is a lesson I have learned, push to the end and do not give up. This whole ENDURE TO THE END principle is the hardest one to apply in this religion. The only ones are pretty easy to know what needs to be done, enduring to the end does not have an exact checklist of what needs to be done, you have to pray and come to know what needs to happen for you in your life. 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints preaches true doctrine, continue to do all you can to better understand it and better know what the Lord would have you do in your life.   

Thank you for all you do, I got your tapes, thank you for that, I will have one done this next week, so more of my thoughts for conference will be on that. keep up the awesome work you do and look to Christ in all you do. He is the only one who knows what you are going through. 
Love you both so much. You are the best and i truly appreciate you and all you do. Until next week :) 

P.S. Elder Holland's testimony at the end of his talk about priesthood ordininaces

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