Tuesday, July 8, 2014

He is Always There...

So this week was for sure a fun one!
We had our mission conference on Friday and oh man it was insane. I felt like I was a Young Single Adult (YSA) Party the whole night! But you know we had lots of fun and were out of the world for the Fourth of July and so that was nice. We played like "Minute to win it" games, and president gave us permission to watch the movie Son of God. So good.
So it was a nice break from the norm, but I for sure realized how much time I wasted before my mission, just sitting and watching movies/television, something I want to somewhat change when I go home. 

We are going to start working with Tiffany and Sydney again. The people I found a few months ago and had to pass off.   Well I just took them back because the other elders hadn't met with them so we stopped by and she asked when i was going to come back and meet with them, so we set up a lesson for wednesday and are hoping to start teaching the both of them again. So that should be fun and exciting. 

Uhm...what else...
Oh we as a mission are hosting a concert this thursday and friday with the mormon group Nashville Tribute Band so that should be fun. President Lutz is having me run lights and manage the set building/ tech aspects on the two days and run lights for the show so that is going to be so much fun, so excited for doing that. Every time I think I am done with theatre stuff it always comes back around...  and I'm glad it does it's going to be fun!


Uhm,   not to much else to report on from the week. I was reading in the Book of Mormon in Alma 29 verses 9 and 10, (it is on my facebook page) about Christ reaching His hand towards us always. And it hit me that it is so true. He is always there, it is just a matter of are we reaching for him or are we struggling to fix our problems ourselves. 

That is all for me this week. Thank you for all you do and hope this week goes great.
Here is a picture from the party on friday
 Yes most are with sisters - haha! dont judge me!  

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