Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Be PrePared, Do Your Research!

September 8th

So good week, had a really fun week so it was nice.  BUT... seems like there is not to much to report...

Okay so funny story,

My peers are planning to go on a hike, I looked into it to be prepared!  That is how I was raised; BE PREPARED!  I relayed some of my concerns to the elders that were planning this 15 mile hike, and they responded with; "If you don't feel comfortable doing the long hike, we would advise you not to attend."
So that made me a little upset, but alas, I didn't go. They met at 5:45am, they had to do 1/2 hour of dirt off roading to even get to trail head (in mission cars mind you) so not good to start with, when they got to the trail head at about 6:30am, they were already 30 minutes behind schedule.
We received a text from another companionship and they said "we got there and found out we need parking permits to leave the cars and it is a 300. dollar fine if we get caught (per car) so we just are going to go on short hike."
So it's my opinion that they clearly did not do all the research they said they did, because if they did parking permits would have been one of the first things that popped up! So I felt really good about the research I'd done, I got to get normal amount of sleep, another elder and I went a different direction and had such a good mountain biking trip, so much fun, we got back to the apartment, dressed, and back to starting point, at the same time it took them to do the hike, so we for sure got the better end of the deal.
After we heard about the parking permit thing, the first thought in my head was to text the elders that advised me not to attend and say "If you need a Parking Permit, I would advise you not to attend the hike." but alas I chose not too!!!

So not to much else to make known, This is week 6 so transfer calls are on Saturday, and so by Monday  I will know if I am leaving or not, pretty sure I am staying here, so stay tuned. And Stake conference is this week and a new ward is going to be made we are pretty sure of that, so that will be awesome. It will be the 3rd new ward made in the Mission since I have been out, so the church is for sure growing out here in So Cal. 

We had a lot of member lessons this week which is always good. 

That is crazy about Zane, I am pretty sure every time he has helped us with something he has gotten hurt in some way, he probably should stop doing things for us. But glad dad found him and that all is going well. Sorry to hear about the rain, it seems like that always happens.
Oh, Brianna, wants to fly out for my homecoming, so mom you might want to talk to her about that, she emailed me and said that could be her Senior Trip, so we shall see what goes on.

Exciting news about another girl for Austin and Anona, a little frustrating though for Austin I can image!!!   That will make for lively teenage years.

Diet is going good, not insane amount of weight lose but I feel healthier, all the veggies and natural food kind of threw me under the bus the first few days of the diet as my body had to adjust but I feel way better now along with the consistent working out and multi vitamin I should at least be healthy, maybe not thin by the time I return home, but as long as I can fit into the pants I have on I will be fine. 

The ward RS Prez is going to teach me how to use  a sewing machine and how to taper a pair of pants next thursday, so hopefully I will have tapered suit and proselyting pants by the end of the week. 

Anyways, not to much else to update you on. I don't have a cable and so no pictures as of right now, but I will get you  some. Thank you so much for everything, Also, I might disinvite that no tv on sunday thing, as long as all necessary church stuff is done and all of that it s okay hahaha!!!

Well again thank you for everything, have a great week!!!

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-June 2013
California, Irvine, USA
July 2013-December 2014

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