Monday, June 24, 2013

Missionary Work Will Never Be the Same Again

So what is up familia and friends!!!

Another week down in the books man this mission is flying by. You know what makes it go by even faster??? Being transfered! Yep your son is leaving Carmel Valley and going into his 3rd area and 4th companion in 6 months. So that should be an adventure. Makes time go by way quicker then normal. So from this week not to much report on. The work has been blowing up from when  I first got here which makes it really hard to leave. I have been apart of something great but hey I guess the Lord needs me in another location at this time. Because I am being transfered I could be going back up to Orange County or I could go out to Murietta and white wash. Wherever I go though It will be exactly where the Lord needs me to be. 

The meeting last night was insane!!! Elder L. Tom Perry throwing out the big guns first and for most saying no more tracting essentially and the missionaries will be at the church buildings working online and giving church tours. Ipads??? Who knows... Someone told me that The mission was supposed to get them on Christmas last year but President Cook didn't want them because of all the new missionaries coming in. He didnt think it would be a good thing. But hey the work must progress. All of the missionaries who are close to two years hate the idea of staying in the church and using "Technology." They think it will be such a boring time and that you will not be able to do "Missionary Work." That is why they are leaving. They did their part but the new wave is coming in that will make this an effective use of time. Good on the church I am excited. Missionary work will NEVER be the same ever again.

We got to have dinner with a non member this week, and his wife. Super awesome guy who loves to talk with the missionaries. We were there for about 3 hours, he grilled some food which was delicious and talked about the church and answered his questions the whole time. We had the opportunity to teach him some things he had never heard before which really peaked his interest. To bad I will not get to go there as a missionary again which really stinks. Thats the tough part about being a missionary.

Hope all is well. I love you all so much. Just think, next week is 6 months. 6 months have gone by!! what in the world when did that happen??? Hope all is well and that the church is still true in Fremont :) Thank you for everything and stay classy :)

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
"That's What's Up"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-January 2015

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