Monday, August 5, 2013

You See what you Expect to see!

So here I am, P-Day has been switched to Monday now!  I actually kind of like it a little more. It makes reporting numbers Sunday night way easier then before easier to plan out the whole day.

So I am sure you are all wondering where I have been assigned to serve...Well I have the answer...


Yes I am back in the Dana Point ward and it feels so good to be back, feel like I have come home! The members still remember me and seem to love having me back. I am companions with Elders Belnap (Who was also trained by Armstrong) and Hair (Like the stuff on your head). It is so much fun being back here and to be training a brand new missionary. A little weird that he graduated high school about three months ago!  

We had a couple miracles happen this first week of the transfer which made it even more awesome. 
  • We met this one lady who came out and started talking to us and saying how a couple of years ago she sent in a request for missionaries but she must have done it wrong because no body came. Long story short She gave us her name address and phone number and told us to come to her home to teach her. 
  • The another one was we were walking around looking for a street and ran into this lady and started talking to her. She started telling us how she is trying to overcome her addiction to alcohol and was asking God for help. We started sharing our purpose with her and she asked if we were messengers from God because we were exactly what she needed at that time. We asked if we could help her with anything and she said she needed prayers we told her we would and she asked if we could pray right there. So we prayed right there on the street. She was so happy that her prayer was answered and knew it was from God and so told us that because of us she wasn't going to go to buy her beer - she did not need it anymore. So she accepted a teaching visit for later this week and hopefully we will get to set up a time to visit. 

It is always cool seeing how the Lord works his answers into our lives. We are all merely tools that need to keep ourselves sharp so we can be used at anytime we are needed. By the way that is the thought for the week, keep yourself spiritually and mentally sharp so when called upon the Lord will be able to trust you with those he has prepared.

The work is going great. Always good to be a missionary and serve the people around me. More responsibility is killing me, a lot more paperwork but it is fulfilling.

When we stop by to visit members to say hello the church members who remember me, the first thing everybody says is; "You look way thinner" or "How much weight have you lost"!   That is super cool to actually hear the fact people notice. We had dinner at the Tomlinsons last night and Sister T said "Dont try hiding back there I know you are skinny but you cant hide from me" hahaha! oh Sister T always the jokester. :)

The mission is awesome I love it and it is staying amazing and great. Keep the faith in all you do and know that I love you all very much and miss you so much. Forgot my camera and so pictures will be coming next week. Stay amazing and stay classy! 

Love You
Elder Sobczak
"Fourth Floor Last Door"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-June 2013
California, Irvine, USA
July 2013-December 2014

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