Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Sister Married In the Portland Temple

What is up Familia!!! So obviously today is Cinco De Mayo on a Monday, clearly a Sobczak Family day. So this last week has been a pretty good one.

As you could tell I did not call for the wedding, I did not get  a call from President to call so I did not. Sorry I talked about it all on the tape and that should be sent today and you should have that this week sometime. I did however wear Ayris ties all weekend.
The Blue Nordstrom fat tie I had before I left on Friday, the Gray Striped Skinny from Kohl's Saturday and the Paisley Skinny on Sunday. So thanks for the ties, had enough to get through the weekend feeling like I was there kind of.  I am a fan of Temple Marriage!

I have kind of redone how I do my studies so I have redove into Preach my Gospel which has been such an awesome experience. I have been studying the Christlike Attributes and Bearing Testimony sections and they have brought a whole new life into the studies I have had.
I realized that my other one was to big and I was not using it as much I should so I started clean, over, new. So that has been nice. I am going to send my old one home and you can go through it and see some of the studies and notes that I have made through the last 16 months of my mission.
Our Ward Mission Leader is being pretty controlling with what he wants us to do and doesn't quite understand that he cannot make rules for us on where we can and cannot go. So it is going to be interesting to see what happens these next couple weeks leading up to the summer. Other than that working with the ward has been going great. We haven't really found any new investigators but you know that whole "Faith to Endure" thing is being implied. Obviously there are things to learn and understand that I have not yet, maybe wont until I am out of the situation.
I get to call HOME on Mothers Day!

So for calling this weekend, we do not have a dinner signed up for Sunday...So we are going to be working on finding a dinner/someone to let us come over to call home. We are going to try around 4:00 or 5:00. I will probably call Sunday Morning and let you know the final details so you are not left hanging. So stay tuned and I will let you know for sure Sunday morning when we are exactly doing it all.
Other than that, not to much to report on. Oh could you possibly send me that Gray suit I sent home a couple of months ago? with both pairs of pants? I didn't need it but now I just have one 2 pant suit that I am wearing way to much and don't want it to get worn out really quick. If you send it there is a place I can take it to to get tailored and all of that, just would like having another suit with four pairs of suit pants instead of just 2 pairs of suit pants. Let me know if you can or cannot.
I love you all so much. glad to hear the weekend went well and everything is going good. Keep up the awesome work, again it is all much appreciated, you have no idea. I love you all and thank you all for everything you do. Time is moving quickly, so quickly, weird to think of all the things that have happened this past year. Keep up all the awesome work, excited to hear all to future stories and excited to talk in person this weekend. Love you so much and thank you again for all you do, love you so much!!!:)

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