Monday, August 11, 2014

New Area New Campanion

Well, this has been a fun week for sure. 

Some quick updates:

I am in the Lake Forest Ward Rancho Santa Margarita Stake
Foothill Ranch is in the district
  • Dropped Elder Peterson off at Airport. It was really sad, I cried as he left, we were really close friends. Hard to see him go but excited to continue to serve as hard as he still wanted to. 
  • Sadly after 1 year I have been released as a District Leader ( But it is nice because now I can put full effort into the ward without having to worry about problem missionaries/problem areas). 
  • My companion is Elder Sawatzki (So the ward is going to have lots of fun with our names) He served a service mission and trial mission so with that time added together he will only serve 13, months in the field so he comes home with me, we are thinking we are going to be companions until we go home but working as if we are not. 
  • President Orgill lives in my ward boundary
  • I am super happy, happier than I have been in a long time and looking forward to serving here in this ward.
  • Tender mercies if you want to call it in this area (live in brand new apartment, central heating and air, full-time car, washer/dryer in apartment, obedient hard working companion)
  • This transfer is going to be a good one, really looking forward to it and looking forward to all of the miracles that will be in store for the two of us.
  • Oh we share the ward with Sisters Sister Poulson (2nd Transfer Out) and Sister LaFleur(3rd Transfer Out)

Okay so that is the update for me, life is going good. This last week has been a really good one. Got to meet a lot of the ward members and everyone seems super nice and the missionary mindedness is picking up!  The Bishop is really pushing the missionary efforts, it is actually really nice and awesome to have the support from the ward. Our investigator dropped us yesterday.  It's always sad to see them reject the gospel in its fullness.

That is all. I had a cool study this morning read ing Doc&Cov 46 and 58?
I dont have my notes with me so not 100% sure but it reminded me that we can ask for things and if they are the will of the Lord they will happen if we do our part to fulfill them.
It just reminded me to be specific when asking for things if you want specific answers, if you are general and basic then you will get general and basic answers. 
  • Ask Specific 
  • Work Specific
  • Receive Specific. 
It was just a cool thought that I had this morning and helped me realize what I needed to do to help the work progress and my own personal self progress. 
  • Doctrine Understood Changes Behavior!

Thank you all for all you do looking forward to hearing from you, keep up the awesome work and stay happy and awesome!!!

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-June 2013
California, Irvine, USA
July 2013-December 2014

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