Thursday, May 16, 2013

Visions, Visits but no Deliveries!!!


This is some of us - their were more!
  Thanks Ayris for the First to facebook  publicity on how slow your parents are!!!!

we finally got to talk to Amric and this ain't the "old School" call on Mother's Day anymore!!!!
We actually got to "see" him.  It was You Tube worthy Ayris, Sean and Apryl working at teaching Papi and Nana how to use the very, Very cool technology!  I whala! we all got to "hang out" together via Goggle+ !!!!    My only reservation is ... it might make it harder cuz now, it's 7 months til we get to see him again (on the computer)!!!  But it was so surreal to actually have all of us online at the same time, being able to be engaged in conversation with our children and see the babygrands all at the same time. Happiness all around :)   Everyone was blessed to see Charlotte for the first time - that is so great, I remember Austin didn't get to see Vaughn until he was home from his mission.  Ok ...Ok ... enough about Mom and her Mothers day "online vision" let me just say "Love My Kids"!

No mail for 3 weeks in a row!!! Ridiculous !!   Mission President has a rule about mailing "mail and packages DO NOT go to where the missionary resides", and for some reason our mail has been stuck in the Mission Home.   I'm pretty sure  snacks and goodies from Ayris and anyone else are lost and dried up even as we speak!!!
BTW; People here say Care-a-mel Valley!

So being in california is very good. I am learning many profitable lessons, meeting wonderful people and seeing beautiful country.  Also Elder Armstrong called and shared news from Dana Point, one of the referrals we had two 2 weeks before I left is getting married, baptized and her already member fiance is coming back to church - "GOLDEN" that's what I say!

This week I am going to attempt cutting my own hair!  So I will be a different person (looking) I am sure of it.  Just taking my clippers using a #3 and buzzzzzing it all off!  Wish me luck!!!  
Guess he'll be going back to this look!!! (on the left and no more this look (on the right!)

Well it's the Life he leads now and we are blessed that he is Livin' it!!!

Hey guys I have to go!  Love you so much.  The gospel is true and I know I need to be here.  
Love to all - :)  Stay safe and Classy.  Remember who You are!!! Talk to you next week.

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
"That's What's Up"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-January 2015

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