Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dana Point California!

Okay now to update you on my first week in Dana Point California...

Tuesday was a blur...Got up at about oh 345 in the morning to finish packing and get to the MTC Bus station by 5 in the morning.  The flight sucked I got the very back of the plane couldn't lean back the  Elder in front of me leaned back all they way...I was jammed in!  Dad would have freaked out in there.

Got to the mission home in Vista had some breakfast burritos (Best Ever) then laid around listened to the AP's and around 3 we went to the mission office still in vista. We listened to the people about cars, caring for the apartment and again our appearance. We then went to transfer meeting where we sat in front of everyone so they could all see us. I get my assignment for Elder Armstrong to serve in the Dana Point Area. I got my bike and on I went. That night I went to teach a lesson to a family of four and have dinner. Very chill family it was a great first experience.  It was really cool to see them understand and listen to what we were saying. We then went back and unpacked and got set up.

Okay got the first day I will give a brief overview now of alll the days no particular order.

I was really sick for a couple days...  I think the Tap water or I'm my Mother's son with nerves, IDK it made me real sick. Had the cold shakes, fever felt like i was going to throw up, and of course a headache!. But I worked through it for three days and eventually got over it. Our stake center Is BEAUTIFUL. It is on a bluff that overlooks the city and the ocean. Its amazing. Its been raining the past couple days but yesterday the weather finally cleaned up and we had blue skies but I am sure you already knew the weather - right Dad?  :) 
The members here are super awesome, they are awesome missionaries and the reason appearance is so pushed is because these people are not going to let you go to thier friends homes and preach the good word if you look like you are not a professional grown up person. So I have learned that its not a bad thing what was put in the letter, its the only way to get to the members, which here is the only way to get contacts. Tracting does not work in the Area of Southern Orange Country that I am in. Mission leader for the ward is an awesome guy Brother Rubalcava. He is the most down to earth person I have met.

I am getting fed...someone is signed up to feed us every night this new month. The members love helpign out.

Dad - How are the young men? You need to immerse them in Preach My Gospel...They need to know the PMG Doctrine like the back of their hand before they get out here I did a lot and I am still playing catch up.

Mom- Oh sweet mom, I love you so much. Keep reading the Book of mormon as it is a great tool. Read the bottom Two paragraphs of the Intro and think about what it is saying. It really helps to do that.

Oh I got another suit. The Elders before me were moving someone out and they gave them a suit and it was to big for everyone but not for -it fit me just right!  A really nice wool medium gray suit. Its awesome that I have little miracles like that happened to me this week. Everyday I am becoming more converted to the Gospel and the Church. I know without doing that I can in nowise expect these investigatorsI teach to become converted unto the gospel of Jesus Christ, how can I teach something I don't know and teach it with the spirit without being converted myself?

Just think tomorrow I'll have been out for almost one month and it doesnt seem like it has been that long already!  I love you all so much thank you for the time and the letters and packages and the prayers you say for me. Be safe and remember who you are.

I love you all so much...Write you again next week.

"Fourth Floor Last Door"
"That's What's Up"
Elder Amric Zane Sobczak
California, Carlsbad, USA
January 2013-January 2015

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