Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm Safe. Please Write.

Elder Sobczak and his Sister Ayris on the Day of MTC Entry Jan 2
Hello family,
So since my districts p-day is on a thursday and i arrived on a wednesday i got not pday last week which is why i did not email last week so mother do not think i hate you haha. The MTC has been going pretty well the first couple of days were a little rough and seemed to take an eternity but like everyone said once Sunday hit the days have been flying by. 
My companions are pretty cool. One of them Elder Neal is from gilbert Az and into cars and stuff like that. My other companion is Elder Johnston from Bozeman Montana. He is an adventurist. he takes people out into the mountains and takes them hiking while he is dressed up in some kind of themed outfit. He told this sweet story of how he killed a bear with a sword. He is for sure a mans man. He thinks the MTC is to compact cuz he is so used to living by himself in a cabin in the woods.

I leave for the california on the 21st or 22nd of January.  The MTC has been great i can already feel myself changing a little bit. I am excited to get out into the field and serve the people of southern california. I have become good friends with these guys going to romania-Moldavia and they are awesome!!! Its awesome how fast the people can become best friends to you even though you have never met them.  Uhm you know the spirit is definitely here it just depends sometimes if i can feel it.   sometimes my people i have to spend all day with dont want to participate in anything and it makes it hard to lesson plan or get anything done. I saw some kids from omaha who i knew one is going to Ukraine been here for 10 weeks the other Slovakia been here for nine so im kinda glad im going english speaking!

Hope you are being safe love you all and miss you a lot. Ill send another letter when i get one from you guys!
Tell people to send letters and packages hahaha
Miss you all this will be fun and good experince plan is Ill only miss one christmas just so you know.

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