Wednesday, January 9, 2013

FIrst Word from the MTC

His letter starts out "Oh MOM"  am I crying yet - OF COURSE I am!!!!

He reports that he is safe!  He will be there for 3 weeks Jan 22 is the lst day of his MTC training and he will then move to California.

Some of you might already know through my facebook wall that Elder Sobczak saw Sister Itri earlier in the week.  She served in the Omaha Nebraska mission and was in our ward when we lived in the city!  I say "in the city now", because I've been to New York!!!  Anyway back to Amric - he said they had a "freak out session in the hallway!"  He has  status' and a story that he wants me to put on facebook cuz thats who he is!!! 

There is a flu bug in the MTC so no "shaking of hands" - Amric just can't understand "Missionaries that can't shake hands"!!

Missionary FYI - he informed me that everyone in his district is going to Carlsbad (his mission) his two companions are Elder Neal (from Arizona) and Elder Johnston (from Montana), they are both 19.

To his Dad he wrote - "Be kind and patient with Mom, everything she does she does because she loves you . . . She just wants you to be happy and to know she had a hand in causing you to smile."  (ahhhh Amric, yes I'm crying again!!!)  "take care of yourself Dad I give you a hard time but I love you and I know and am grateful that you take care of me. . ."

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