Tuesday, January 15, 2013

He is snugly tucked in

This entry got lost in the cloud somewhere it was written on Jan 2!

Today is bittersweet.
Amric is now available for letters ASAP!!!
He was very anxious to get on with this. Jenni told him "don't worry Amric when you get in there they will put an orange dot on you so others will just know you are new today!" Amric responded "ain't nobody stickin no dot on me"!!
What do you wanna bet - they stuck a dot on him!!!!??
We spent the 31st with Tyler, Amric was glad to see him and get to visit! Tyler gave him a bunch of ties - he knows how to pick 'em!! He gave lots of advice and shared several stories! We miss him.
We were also glad to visit with Noyes and Parker's and here story upon story! Amric said he was glad to hear the things Jenni, Maurice, Zane and Marion had to say about serving a mission.
Anona and her family shared New Year's Eve with us, what a wonderful family! We had a great great time. We played games and ate food til our faces hurt from laughing and our stomachs hurt from eating! Awesome family!
Come wed jan 2nd. Austin, Anona Sammy and felicity said goodbye. Apryl facetimed adios Elder and Marion, Zane, Jenni the nieces and porter came to see him off! He was grateful for support from family.
What a great kid with a wonderful personality I know he will bless the lives of others for the next two years and that if he is obedient and prayerful his life will be blessed for the eternities!

God bless you elder Amric Zane Sobczak!!

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